[Solved] Contact widgets disappear

Hi there, I have a FP3+ recently upgraded to Android 11.
I use Lawnchair v. 2.0-2589 as launcher. On my screen, I have a few widgets of system Contacts app (v. , for direct call of some people.

After upgrade to Android 11, I’ve observed that the widget regularly disappear after a after days, like they were deleted. I may have deleted them by mistake once, but I can exclude to delete them on a regular basis, so I guess they disappear due to other cause.
Any idea why this happens?


Have you tried clearing the cache for the app/widget and powering of and on?

Hi, I’ve just cleared the Contacts cache, repowered phone and created two new widgets.
I’ll let you know how it works. Thanks

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Hi, a few days after clearing cache and creating two new contact widgets as suggested, rhis morning I’ve turned on my phone and the widgets are no longer present.

So this maybe a Launcher issue. I use Nova and have no such problems.

Maybe you could try a different launcher to assess?

Then it would probably make more sense to report your issue to the Lawnchair devs, since it seems to be launcher-related.

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This sounds similar however with FP Launcher

Ok guys, so far I had no answers from Lawnchair guys.
Therefore, I’ve removed it and switched back to default launcher.
I have created again the contact widget icon, let’s see what happens.

Same here with FP4. After system upgrade the contact widgets were gone.

Update: doesn’t depend on the upgrade bit happens also after a simple reboot.


After 10 days, I can confirm that the problem was related to Lawnchair.
Now I use Shade launcher and the icon is always there.
I’ll set this topic as solved.


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