[Solved] Can't uninstall some applications / alternatives ROM

Hi all,

I have some applications that I’d like to unsinstall from my phone: Orange Apps, Duo and Hangouts. When I go to applitaions I only have the options of “deactivate” not the “uninstall” I want.
I’m running Fairphone OS 18.04.1

Also, I’d like to know if there is some kind of very basic image/firmware from the FP OS that I can install in my FP2? I was also looking for some ROM in xda-forums but nothing convinced me… any popular ROM that the FP community is using?

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system apps can’t be uninstalled. I believe Orange Apps is preinstalled if Orange France is your provider - I don’t know Duo - and Hangouts us a Googl App. If you install a different OS at least the first and the third won’t be installed. If you need some, but not all Google Apps you can install #opengapps.

About which OSes there are, check out the #oslist.



first of all thank for your reply.
It’s Orange Spain. But I guess it does not make any difference.
But that’s my question: is there somewehere the “original” image available? the one without any preinstalled stuff?
I was looking at the OS alternatives, but I’m not 100% sure to switch to any of them. I’d like to stay with FP OS, the original one or, maybe, some ROM modified by the community.


You can try manually reinstalling the OS to see if that removes the Orange app, but maybe updating/upgrading through the updater app will reinstall it every time if you have an Orange SIM card inserted.

Yes, those are the options on the list. If you tell us what you’re looking for in an OS we can give you recommendations based on that.
In short, if you want to stay with Android there is:

  • FP OS (now Android 7 - you didn’t upgrade yet)
  • FP Open OS (the same, but without G%§$e apps preinstalled - you can get them via #opengapps )
  • #lineageos (Android 8 with some modifications and without GAPPS preinstalled)
    • Lineage OS for #microg (same but with microG’s free alternatives to some G%§$e services as well as F-Droid preinstalled)
  • #e-eelo (based on Lineage OS, but for now still Android 7 - with microG and sync function for all your data)

If you want to leave Android there is #ubuntu and #sailfish.


As @paulakreuzer mentioned, Fairphone Open OS comes with less installed. It will still come with Firefox Klar (which replaces an outdated Android browsing component). There is no version that has some google apps, but not the ones you don’t like. Official Google apps are an all or nothing choice (probably due to the license for them).

If you root the device you will be able to remove any app, but this will cause updates via the normal Fairphone updater route to fail. I do not recommend this route for regular Fairphone OS, as it is non-trivial to set up, makes updates non-trivial, and is not supported by Fairphone support.

thanks for the answer.
I’ll try the manuall reinstallation.

yes, I read about rotting it but I don’t want to lose the support. I’ll go for the OS reinstallation.

Thanks for your answer.

Root is available on the officially supported Fairphone Open OS so rooting doesn’t mean you loose support. Not on a Fairphone. :slight_smile:

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Open OS: root provided (and therefore supported). Regular OS: I recall support instructing to remove all modifications.

Did not work… Reinstall + factory reset and those apps are still there.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

I did some searching and according to a support article the app is preinstalled on any Fairphone, but disabled by default unless you have an Orange SIM card. You can disable it, but according to this article reinstalling the OS was a bad tip that was never going to remove the app - sorry.
I have a phone with FP Open OS Android 7 and I don’t have the app - not even in the list of disabled apps. I don’t know if that is because the app is no longer preinstalled on Android 7 though or if it’s not part of Open OS.


No problem.
I appreciate you help.

I didn’t find “Orange Apps” on FPOS Android 7 neither. But Duo and Hangouts are there (as default apps and can only be disabled).


No more Orange Apps and hangout after upgrading to Fairphone OS 18.09.2.


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