[Solved] Cannot add a widget to lock screen after update 1.8


I just installed the new update. I see there are a lot of topics about the large icons and the loss of our icons, but for me, the main issue is : I use the very good widget “Dashclock widget” to get nice looking notifications on my lock screen (sms, emails, etc). Previously, to add it as a lock screen widget, I had to swipe to the left-most page of my lock screen and touch the “+” icon. But since the update, it appears I cannot swipe on the lock screen anymore ! Has anyone found another way to add a lock screen widget ? It’s very useful to see quickly if I have new messages, without unlocking the phone ; and contrary to the top bar icons, on the widget I can see precisely how many messages I have.

Thanks for your help !

I also updated to 1.8 and I have the “plus” button, like in 1.6, and I can add DashClock from f-droid.

Oh, you’re right, I managed to get the “+” button… I had to insiste a little bit, it seems that sometimes my screen don’t react to my touch when locked… thanks a lot for the help !