[SOLD] Selling fully functional FP1U


Selling my FP1U in a properly working condition - good battery life and a display with only minor scratches (+ little notches on the top corners, see pictures).

Make me a fair offer!

To be shipped from Belgium or Czechia.


I would be interested :slight_smile: My FPU1 starts not to charge anymore… how old is your phone?


I am interested have you still got the phone? Dave26


I go tit in November 2017, but already from someone else. It was in a great shape and the seller told me it had a fairly recent battery, but I don’t know how old it is actually.


And yes, it is still available, so one of you can have it for sure


If it’s only for the battery, please have a look at

There are alternative battery options (mentioned in the above topic) if your original FP1 nears the end of its life, it should not take to get a second FP1 just for that.


No, it is not only for the battery, i just got a new one but it didn’t change the charging problem


What would be the procedure now, to buy your phone? Can we write in private messages?


I live in Belgium and am desperately looking for a screen to unlock my phone with broken screen.

All my data are still in there.

I am prepared to return the favor or the phone after I saved my data.


Have you tried any of the programs to extract data from phones with broken display? EG: https://www.androidauthority.com/extract-data-broken-android-phone-819324/



there’s an encryption running and I need the display/touch screen to enter my code.

I think I have no alternative but to find a second hand touch screen replacement.


I am sorry to hear that. I already sold the phone unfortunately, but I still think there is a chance to get the data from your phone, even when encrypted, check this:
https://forums.androidcentral.com/general-help-how/376515-quick-guide-accessing-locked-phone-cracked-screen.html Alternatively, there seem to be “Fairphone Angels” based in different places, perhaps you can find some near you who could have a spare display to try.

Selling FP1U (with broken display)
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