[SOLD] Selling FP3 with headphones I Very good condition

Hi community,

I am selling my fathers FP3 as he never got used to having a smartphone and doesn’t want to have it anymore. The phone was bought in June 2020 but only used for a few months. It is in very good condition (no scratches or marks etc.). I am selling the phone as it is in the picture incl. new original earphones, bumper and user manual.

I would like to have 350€/2600DKK + shipping costs. At the moment I am based in Denmark but I am willing to send it to other EU-Countries. Within DK shipping is +65DKK and for EU it is +17,75€ (including tracking code).

Please send me a message in case you are interested!

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, you will have to be a basic user on the forum. Reference about how to become one and other trust levels can be found here.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.


The earphones are original, yes, but those interested should be aware these are not the modular earphones. The ones in this offer were included in France to meet the requirements of French consumer law, but perhaps Denmark has such a law, too. I don’t know, do these include a microphone in the cable?

Dear Urs, thank you for adjusting the headline! To answer your question: yes the earphones are NOT modular and no, they do not have a microphone.

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Alicia, I wrote you in private messages twice regarding your FP3, but I am not sure these messages reached you ! Otherwise you can also contact me in private.
Thanks !

Hi Alicia! Do you still have this FP3 available for sale? If so, I am interested! :slight_smile:

Hi Cristina, yes this FP3 is still available. Feel free to write me a private message :slight_smile: Best, Alicia

Hello Alicia!
Is your phone still for sale? :slight_smile:

Hi Funsey,
Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the phone is still available and I am willing to give it away for 310€ incl. shipping (within EU). Would you still be interested?

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Hello Alice,

Is the Phone still available ?
If so I would like to buy it :slight_smile:

Can you ship to Germany?

I am also interested. Located in Ireland.

Yes, very much so!
I’m located in France.
I’ll write you a PM.

I cant find a why to pm you, if its still relevant can you email me at:
[moderator edit: removed email; see next post for explanation]

thanks :slight_smile:

I removed the email from your post as it’s a bad idea to let your email on an open forum on which bots can catch it and spam you. Also, for security reasons it is better to keep your exchanges on the forum.
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thanks very much :slight_smile:

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Update: The phone has been SOLD and is no longer available.

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