[SOLD] Selling FP3 with FP3+ camera, blue light screen protector, new battery

Selling FP3 with just-purchased and installed FP3+ front and back camera modules, blue light screen protector, and new battery. Price negotiable.

I purchased this phone in summer 2020 and have loved it. However, I am heading out on a long backpacking trip this year and would like a phone with a better camera in order to avoid the extra weight of a separate digital camera. I bought and installed the FP3+ camera modules last week but the image quality is still not as sharp as I’d like for this trip, so I’m selling the phone. I also bought and installed a blue light screen protector and a new battery last week. Thus, the purchase of this phone will include a brand-new battery (inside the phone for shipping), the screen protector, the installed FP3+ cameras, and the older FP3 camera modules.

Shipping from Portugal. Leaving for travel long-term on April 2 so must ship before April 1.

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Hey, before you change your phone just for the camera, have you tried the Nikita NGcam camera port, to improve the quality of the FP3(+) cameras?


Thanks, yes I’ve tried it.


Have you also tried all the settings as there is a default tendency to save in a low jpg for web and cloud images.

All the best.

Hello, are you still looking for someone to sell your phone to? I might be interested!

Hi! Yes I am, just sent you a direct message.

Not set to SOLD since three Days? Is there a chance to by it or have you reserved it? If you want to make me a offer, send me a message with price and shipping to Austria (Österreich).

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No, with this price you nearly geht’s an Fairphone 3+ brand new with new and unbroken Display.
I understand what you paid for, put you should see, what some one get. You are selling an 2 year old phone with broken display only in one part upgraded to a Plus.

Whereas i agree that the price may seem to steep for you given your considerations, however

  • the screen is not ‘broken’ is it :slight_smile: [with broken display]
  • probably two modules replaced as the seller says cameras, plural, so two modules [only in one part upgraded]

I’m not saying what the camera is worth, that’s down to the buyer, but your public response was not accurate in at least those respects.

But yes I empathise with your arguments.

All the best.