[SOLD] Selling FP3+, details in post

I am selling my FP3+:

  • black

  • bought in late March 2021 (5 moths of warranty left)

  • €290 plus shipping from Germany or I can personally hand it to you in Berlin, Münster :de: or around Liechtenstein :liechtenstein: :switzerland: :austria:

  • normal, everyday use, no social media apps used, good battery life

  • Fully functions with one SIM. It keeps kicking out my second SIM card, I don’t know whether it’s the phone or the SIM but since I rely on two SIM cards I am now getting a phone with eSIM. If it wasn’t for my dependence on two SIM cards, I’d more than happily keep using this phone.

  • Can come with a fully intact bumper in black for an additional €10 (I can send photos of it as well)

  • Will disinfect and factory reset before shipping.

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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The device has been sold yet
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