[SOLD] Selling FP2 for €350 incl. shipping in the Netherlands

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Ordered: 28 sept 2015 (one of the first 17,418)
Sent out: 5 feb 2016 (still warranty left for 2-3 months)
Screen replaced with warranty: 26 jun 2017
With: Blue slim-cover & original camera’s


  • Original booklet
  • Postcards
  • 2x translucent blue covers, 1x black translucent cover, with damage

Screen shows minor burn-in on 3 places, could be warrantied probably. Minor scratches on screen and cover (no deep ones).

Here you can see the minor burn-in. Only noticeable with white background and full brightness (the verticale lines are just in the picture).

Price: €350 (will ship for free to the Netherlands)

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