[SOLD] Selling FP1 - screen and other spare parts

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Fairphone 1 - 2nd edition

Used from November 2014 til August 2017
It does not work anymore, as it cannot be switched on. However, the screen has no cracks, and other spare parts are fine (back cover - which was replaced with a 1st edition one -, battery, midframe, camera, etc.).
I am in Italy (Milan).

If interested, you may contact me at marghe.ska@gmail.com


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The “not charging” problem might be caused by a faulty USB connector. A workaround could be to charge the battery outside the phone using a universal charger. Using 2 batteries it takes just a minute to turn off the phone, replace the battery and turn it on again.
Not perfect, but bearable. :wink:

For batteries search this forum for “generic battery”.

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