[SOLD] Selling Fairphone 3+

Hello there!

Just got an iphone from work, so I won’t use my fairphone anymore. I want to sell it. It’s a Fp3+, bought in 28.04.2021 (will give the bill with it) so still 4 months of warranty. Work well.

It has some marks on the screen (see the photos) and some scratches on the back.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

When you post a picture please show one with the date. :slight_smile:

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Yes nice! I’ll try that:)

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Hi!do you still have It?and,how much?

Hello, I do yes. I sell it for 100 CHF, without accessories.

Great,is It working ok or has any problem?

And other questions,what are the accesories you are talking about?cables or things like that?

Just questions to be sure about everything:)

I already had another guy that is going to buy the fairphone. So if he takes it (I wil know that tomorrow) he’ll have it. If not I come back to you is that allright?

Ok,perfect,we Will contact tomorrow

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Hi!do you have any news?

Hello! Yes, I sold it today finally :slight_smile:

Ok,thanks,good luck! :slight_smile:

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