[SOLD]Fully Working Fairphone 2 + spare parts, including bottom module

As said in the title, the set has been bought.
I keep the message for archive purposes.


Due to recent needs for NFC connectivity and better performances for specific applications, I chose to buy the latest Fairphone 4 to replace my beloved FP2.
As a result, I sell my FP2 here as I think it can still be helpful, as a whole or for spare parts.

The phone is fully functional and has the following highlights:

  • USB-C bottom module by Leo & home-made 3D printed case allowing the USB-C plug (december 2021)
  • Very recent 8MP camera module (june 2021)
  • Recent battery (august 2020)
  • Original box

In the spare parts, you will get :

  • An almost new original bottom module (bought on april 2021, used for 8 months before receiving the USB-C module). It worked flawlessly when I changed the module.
  • 1 x blue case
  • 1 x turquoise case
  • 1 x cracked translucent case
  • 2 x brand new Disguard anti-reflective screen protections

Please note you won’t get any cable or charger as I still use them.

I took good care of this phone and I don’t think it felt more than 3 times in its entire life.
The home-printed case for USB-C module is not perfect as I already told in this topic; Some part of the case had some tears, so if you prefer, I can install original bottom module & case and provide the spare USB-C module & printed case aside.

The screen has no scratch, software has been updated to latest version and I don’t have any issue to report. Of course, FP2 can be slow if you got too many software running but that is not specific to my phone.
I cleaned and factory reset the phone, so it is ready to use.

For the whole set, I think a 50€ price is more than honest. Of course, buyer have to add postage fees (about 5-7€ for standard shipping).
I accept Paypal or direct bank transfer and I can send the whole package within European Union.

I checked on the dangerous material aerial postal sending European rules regarding the battery. As the battery is embedded in the device and the package contains less than 4 batteries that are less than 100 W/h power, it seems the sending can be made without any warning on the box as long as the package is fully protected, which of course will be the case.

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Oops, I forgot to include a picture of the set…

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I could give your phone a new home. :wink:

How would you like to proceed?

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Hello DavidFF,
I already got a first person interested by PM.
I will keep you informed if we proceed, else you will be the next in line!


Sorry but this offer is no longer available as one buyer has been the quickest to answer.
Thanks for your understanding.

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