[sold] FP2 used in good condition for sale

What product(s) are you offering?


  • used in good condition
  • bought from fairphone shop, delivered and in use since May 2016
  • with original camera modules, no upgrades
  • screen replaced mid 2020 due to ghost touches (see Ghost touches - screen problem or something else? for details)
  • no known problems (had occasional random reboots before screen replacement)
  • indigo cover (warranty replacement for original transparent cover)
    • lower right corner slightly cracked, see pictures
  • running latest LOS 18.1 + TWRP
  • battery life limited to a few hours due to age (~6 years) - new battery still available from the fairphone shop for 15€ (plus shipping)

At what price are you willing to sell or give it/them (for free/fixed/negotiable)?

120€ plus shipping - negotiable if offer is convincing

From where would you be shipping (country or city)?

:belgium: Belgium (Liege province/Eupen) or :de: Germany (Aachen)

Photo(s) of the product(s) (if it is a phone, please include a photo of the phone switched on displaying the current date):

Other, remarks:

To avoid any problems even with domestic shipping I’ll exclude the battery which is not much good any more anyway. If we can arrange for a personal pickup, I’ll gladly include it, though. (I’d prefer not having to ship it, really.)

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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Just to know: you can send a battery when it is in a phone. Just a battery alone can’t be sent by post.

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I’m interested by the core module or by the whole phone. Could you send it to France ?

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