[SOLD] - FP2 for sale, Vienna, Austria

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Original FP2 for sale, from January 2016.

  • Used, loved and in good condition.
  • Screen works (visually) but the touch sensor is faulty - it can be used, but really needs replacement (!).
  • Vibrate function is also faulty (unreliable, possibly broken)
  • Microphone / usb module replaced 1 year ago

Includes 3 batteries. Purple cover.

150 EUR (offers accepted)
Based in Vienna, Austria. Shipping to be discussed.

For those wondering.
The color of the cover would be indigo.
It’s a standard one :wink:

Hej drb, I live in Vienna and would like to buy this FP2.

Hi thg!
Great news - just to confirm that you are aware of the problems with the screen? For full functionality you will need to replace the screen.

Currently, along the left side the sensitivity is faulty, making it difficult or impossible to select certain objects on the left side. But it is still possible to use the phone for most purposes.

best regards


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Yes, you made that clear in your first posting, but thank you for pointing it out again.

Should we switch to pm to clarify details?

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Lol - I thought we were in PM - YEs! :slight_smile:

Hi Bert,
ist das FP2 noch zu erstehen? Hätte großes Interesse daran.
Lieben Gruß aus München

Sold - sorry!..

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