[SOLD] FP 2 giveaway with spare battery & spare camera module

FP 2 giveaway:

I have a FP 2 to give away including a spare camera module (think it was the first camera series) and a spare battery. The phone didn’t work well anymore and I upgraded to FP3. If I remember properly, I couldn’t call anymore with the handset.
I upgrade the main camera module and still have the old one. The spare one is “FP-CAM02”


Shipping from Switzerland to preferably Switzerland. Else I have to throw away the spare battery, since I cant ship the spare battery abroad. Can send the phone and the spare camera module abroad too.
Shipping in original packaging/box.


The case is cracked. The phone still turns on, but as mentioned above, cant call anymore. I give it away for spare parts.

Why as a giveaway:

If I sell it back to Fairphone for € 12, I have to throw away the spare battery and the spare camera module, since they don’t take it.

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

I live in Geneva and am interested in your FP2.
Any picture available to check the status? I am especially interested in your spare battery, is it brand new and unused or it is a used one?
Thank you.

Hi Masaki
Can only post one picture at a time:

Both batteries are used. The packed in the original wrapping one, is used as well…
Battery life wasn’t good anymore with the original one, so ordered a new one only to notice, it most likely wasn’t the battery which wasn’t good anymore, but the phone itself. I assume, the wrapped battery is the original one, that came with the phone when I bought it in October 2016. Bought the spare battery and the upgraded camera module in May 2020. The upgraded camera (“Kamera Fairphone 2 12 Mp” according to the shipping notice), is installed in the phone now.

Please send me a PM, if interested. Can send more pictures too.