[SOLD] Fairphone 3+ in really good condition 🇬🇧

Selling for £200 plus shipping from United Kingdom. Ideally shipping to UK but happy to discuss prices for sending to EU.
I bought it in October 2020 and replaced the bottom module in 2022 (the charging port wasn’t working due to me spilling liquid - nothing else was affected). There’s a slight scuff mark on the top left corner of the phone but otherwise no other cosmetic issues. A screen protector has been used the whole time.
Comes with a black case if you want it (has a sticker on it). No chargers.
Offers welcome!

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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Whilst the majority of prospective purchasers will be in the EU, it might be worth mentioning that as VAT will be imposed upon export from UK price is more realistically ~ €415 plus shipping.

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Oh how I hate Brexit! :weary: Updated the description and price now!

Hi there I have damaged my Fairphone 3 screen and cant succeed in getting a replacement display module … I am also resident in UK (milton keynes) - Im wondering if you could quote me the proce you want with a courier to my home address please …thanks Michael Sheppard …

[edit moderator: removed e-mailaddress. I have sent it by PM to Sheenbean]

Thanks, I’ve emailed you!

Is this still available, please?
Thank you so much.

Yep! I’ll send you a message! :smiley:

This is now sold! Sorry I can’t figure out how to edit the title of the post :weary: