[SOLD] Fairphone 2, spare camera, battery and display for sale

I have a Fairphone 2 for sale. Along with the original display module (I got the new one in January this year). A spare battery (new one from January this year), and the original camera - phone has upgraded camera, Sept 2019.

All in working order. Only for sale because I have bought a Fairphone 3.
No cracks or noticable scratches.
All together for £125 UK
150 Euros.
I’ll pay postage.

I’m interested in the FP2, but not in the rest.
Would you sell only all together or may you also sell some of the modules to different prospective buyers?

If @Nepumuk takes the FP2, would you be willing to give away the other used parts, in which case I might be interested? (i.e the screen, battery and camera)
This would help constitute a stock for the Nantes Heaven.

Sure. message me tomorrow. £100.
I’ll be back here Sunday afternoon.

Sure - let’s speak tomorrow afternoon.

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I’m also interested in buying your FP2, preferably just the phone, but willing to buy it with the spare parts. is it still for sale?

Laurita - Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ll let you know in a day or two if it’s still for sale.

Hi Dom,

I would be interested to buy the phone with the parts…


Laurita, It’s still for sale. £125 or 150 Euros.
Are you interested.

Hi Dom,

If Laurita does not take it, I would like to.

Give me 24 hours. If I get no reply, it’s yours.

great. thank you very much

It’s still available. £125 or 140 euros.

Hi Dom,

Someone responded to my buy post. It should arrive on Monday. In case it does not work and yours is still available I will let you know. Out of curiosity… What year is the original phone from?

I bought it in Sept 2016

My fairphone 2 is still available. Are you interested?

yes, I´m still interested!

Sorry - I’ve sold it