SOLD - Fairphone 2 in good condition for sale - valid warranty

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Fairphone 2

Condition: Good condition
Your approximate location: Prague
320 Euros including shipping within the EU paid through paypal or bank transfer

I’m selling my fairphone 2. It is still in good condition. First delivered in March 2016, the first device had problems and I ended up receiving a replacement which I received in February of 2017. I am not certain as to whether the warranty is valid until March of 2018 or February of 2019 but since the warranty is transferable, you will be able to figure it out with customer support fairly easily.

The new device has worked well and I have no complaints. It is fast and the screen works very well. I can supply the IMEI number to potential buyers.

There are three pixels on the screen that show a little brighter in color than the rest. It hasn’t been a distraction to me and when viewing videos on Netflix or youtube it is not noticeable. Though I don’t really notice it, a buyer should be aware. Also, the case (black matte) is starting to show some minor wear. I’m happy to send photos or skype with a potential buyer if you’d like to see the phone working.

I can ship within Europe in its original box.

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