[SOLD] Fairphone 2 for sale: €170


Hope you’re having a nice day! I’m selling my first edition Fairphone 2. A few highlights:

  • €199 €170 including postage across Europe. Item currently in London. Payment accepted via IBAN.
  • UK buyers: £180 £155 including postage. Payment via Monzo link.
  • Postage via Post Office, including a tracking number and signed-for delivery.
  • Replaced the battery in May 2019.
  • I gave the original screen to my partner, so this one has the newer screen module.
  • Android 9 installed (Lineage 16).
  • Both SIM card slots fully working (see images below - the second sim I had in the drawer is disconnected, hence ‘emergency calls only’).
  • 32GB micro SD card.
  • Blue and coral red cases - small crack in bottom corner of blue case.

Happy to answer any questions!

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Hi! Which is the version of the camera module, 8 MP or 12 MP?

Hello! It’s the original version, 8 MP.

Thank you, Anthony for your fast answer. So, it is not what I need. I have the same version and I would like to improve it.

Thank you, again,


Whilst I would be more than happy to accept your word that both SIM slots are functional; seeing that this is the 'One of the first" with the more fragile SIM holder pins, as you are in UK where PAYG SIM are £0.99 it might have been an idea to post another picture with both SIMs present for benefit of potential purchasers.

Hi all,

The phone is still available :slight_smile: I’m also open to price offers, so please send a DM.


Hi Anthony,
I’m interested in your fairphone2.
Can you confirm that everything is working?
One of my simcard slots is broken. So I want to be sure that in your FP2 they both are fine.
I think 199 euro is quite a lot of money for a simcardslot, but I think there is no other option for me.

Thanks for your answer
Tryntsje (Netherlands)

Hey @tryntsje, welcome to the Fairphone forum! A potential but more technical option is to ask a repair workshop (or a local Fairphone angel) if they are able to replace the SIM card slot, and purchase it separately, as they are fairly standardised. This seller lists some, I am not sure exactly which to get though https://uk.farnell.com/w/c/connectors/memory-sim-card-connectors/prl/results?st=sim%20card%20slot

Also, I am sure you have already, but make sure to check if your phone is under warranty you skip all of this, as that could be the cheapest option!

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your friendly suggestion. I’ve thought of that, but the nearest fairphone repairshop is in Hamburg (I’m from the Netherlands) which is 350 km away. And I use it for work, so I feel I can’t just send it there and wait for it to return in ?? days.

My phone is one of the first 15.000-something. So no warranty.

I also have a problem with the connection of the bottom module to the core module (at least that’s what I recognized from a post on the forum); my microphone works only if I squeeze the right bottom of my phone. I can feel that it’s ‘sqeezable’. I.e. there is some space. (If I use the handsfree mode the other side can hear me fine, but then the speaker is so loud.)

So I’m hoping to find a tighter core module with 2 simcard slots. But still: 199,= is quite a lot if that core module is prone to be less tight in a while.

I find it annoying that you can buy anything new but the core module. If I’d buy another phone, I’d throw away all the perfectly working modules, because of some minor, hardware, problems.

best regards



You can still buy core modules on vireo.de: https://www.vireo.de/fairphone/zubehoer/8632/fairphone-2-core-modul
But it will be more expensive than buying this FP2.

@tryntsje nice, good on you for keeping your phone going for four and half years! I also have one of the first 15,000 and am using it. I had issues also with the microphone being noisey and quiet, so I replaced the bottom module and it fixed the problem. I did not notice any issues with a gap, but it might explain the behaviour if the connection was wrong.

I have an issue with the antenna, which is why I am interested in a core module too (I just need a cable). If your antenna is working and you could have your core module with the broken sim card slot, I will pay split some of the costs with you. I’ll PM you

Thank you Alex!

I didn’t know that. And I read everywhere that the core modules were out of stock since ages and were not produced anymore! It’s more expensive indeed, but if it would last another 4 years……Food for thought.


Hi ar.do,

I thought you were the person selling the core module (that’s why I called you Anthony, in the other mail).

I also received a mail telling me new core modules are still available – but costing 275,= euro’s

(vireo.de: https://www.vireo.de/fairphone/zubehoer/8632/fairphone-2-core-modul)

I’d hope to solve 2 problems in one with a new core module.

I think my antenna is still working. You mean the connection with the mobile network? That’s ok in my case.

Did you type ‘you’ instead of ‘I’ in the following sentence?

“If your antenna is working and you could have your core module with the broken sim card slot, I will pay split some of the costs with you.”

I think you mean you want to buy my core module even if there’s only 1 simcardslot and maybe an issue with not locking tight enough with the bottom module? And then of course for less than 199,= J

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what “I’ll PM you” means. Could you explain?

PM=Private Message. He’s going to contact you directly by sending you a private message.

I thought so. But was wondering how private (s)he could getJ. I don’t see any mail-addresses, but of course I’m new on this forum….


Click on the profile icon at the top right , and go to messages!

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile: I’ve added new photos to show both sim slots are working.

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Hi Tryntsje,
Glad to hear you’re interested, and sorry for taking a few days to respond. I can confirm everything works as intended, and have added photos to show that both sim slots are working as normal.
The other SIM card I had is expired, hence the ‘emergency calls only’ state in the photos, but it will work normally with active SIM cards.
I’ve also lowered the price to €170 (including postage, so no extra charge). Would you still be interested?

It’s currently running Android 9 (Lineage 16). Would you like me to install a different operating system for you? I can restore the Fairphone OS if you’d prefer, but personally I’ve always found Lineage to be more stable.


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Hi anthony,

I want to buy your phone willing to give it 4 more years of life. Can you send me a PM if it’s still available? I am new to the forum and can’t find a way to text you.




Welcome to the forum! I’ve sent you a private message.

Here‘a simple info on graduating to a basic user, so that you’re allowed more tools in the forum:

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