[SOLD] Broken FP2 bottom module to give away

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broken FP2 bottom module to give away

Hello there,
I just recently had to replace the bottom-module of my FP2 because it was broken (when plugged in to charge it kept disconnecting and connecting again, so I guess the broken part is the USB-Cut).
So I thought I’d give it away if someone can make use of it.
It’d ship from Germany.

If you’re interested or need more information just send me a message.

All the best,

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If no one bites, here’s the place to send it to:


Not really sure how to put this without sounding like an a** but did you try to clean the USB-connection(port? not sure what the right word is in Englisch. USB-Anschluss ^__^)?

I had things like phones not charging or not transmitting data multiple times over the years and I’ve always fixed it by finally remembering to clean all the dust and other accumulated bits in the USB-port in the end …

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@ElKrasso might be interested as he’s good in soldering…

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Or any other #fairphoneangels in Germany as chances are very high having someone among them who can properly use a soldering iron or even have more capabilities in electronics. Also for the spare parts like speaker, motor…

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Thanks for the flowers =)
@levi is the microphone working? If there is only that problem with the USB port, I may be able to fix it and give it to someone in need.


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