Software update: FP5.TT4C.A.154.20240320

Hej there,

I just wanted to tell about 2 bugs that appeared after I updated my Fairphone 5 to Build FP5.TT4C.A.154.20240320.

  1. Dimmed Display
    After unlocking my device, the display is dimmed very low. I have to adjust the Screen Brightness every time I unlock my device.

  2. Cannot hear other person in calls (in some apps)
    When calling someone I hear the free sign (beep beep etc.), but after the other person is answering my call, I cannot hear anything anymore. They can hear what I say.
    This Problem only occurs on some Phone-Apps like Google Phone or Koler. In the App of “Simple Mobile Tools” the bug does not appear.

Hope there will be a fix in the next Updates.

Thank you so far

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