Software update: FP5.TT4C.A.154.20240320

yesterday night or so, some 500+ megabyte (coming from february 2024 level) security update monthly patch level arrived for the FP5.

Softwareupdate: FP5 .TT4C.A.154.20240320, Security Update Patch Level March 5, 2024

cant report any problems just yet.

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Nice, but I don’t see anything (yet). Hopefully my carrier isn’t skipped again.

I don’t have any update via the settings yet, either. I am using Telekom (DE), that was skipped for the January release, let’s hope they are just slow to verify…

But a release notice is already there:

I was already worried, the two-times brick-firmware updates of the Fairpods would delay the update even further, luckily that does not seem to be the case :slight_smile:


Just pasting the contents from the link above:

Fairphone OS version A.154

Release date: 15th April 2024
Android version: 13
Software Version: FP5.TT4C.A.154
Security Patch Level: 5th March 2024

Resolved issues

  • An issue that was causing the microphone not to be accessible to third-party apps has been solved.
  • An issue that was causing the icon of the Calendar app not to update correctly and show the current date has been solved.
  • An issue that was causing the Settings to become unresponsive upon exiting from Guest mode has been solved.
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So even after a month or two the issue that was added with a software update with the work profile and the app switcher glitching out wasnt fixed?

Was it reported to support and confirmed?

I’m sure that the developer teams are not the same neither are they for the phones, so work on 1 device will not block the work of another device.

Update went smoothly. Nothing to report :slight_smile:

The calendar related bug fix is surprising. I don’t recall it being discussed here on the forum. Did some person just qietly report it to support and they got to fixing it?
I don’t want to sound too impatient, but the screen brightness and oled glow related issues should really get some acknoweledgement already. At least a heads up in each issue’s respective discussion, that progress is being made to figure those issues out.

On a more positive note, I got this update right as it was pushed out, and I literally have nothing to report on. Installed without an issue, and I literally don’t feel a difference.


Recieved the update and installed without a problem.

I still have nothing. So I guess my next update will be next month. This really s*cks, because after a few years a Fairphone device gets an update every other month. If things are already like this now, I don’t like where it may go in a few years. My phone will then not be usable as a company phone due to the security policies. Because it then may take 4 months or more to get an update, if skipped for whatever reason. And by now I’m not the only one anymore with a Fairphone at work.

Thats clearly not good, however contact Fairphone and ensure they strengthen their partnership with your provider. At the end this is not only for FP to improve…and its just 1 day out and yes I know there was 1 or 2 update in the past you did not receive causing issues for you.

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We have four FP5 in our family.

Three with two eSIM/SIM cards (eSIM always Telekom, SIM Vodafone and netzclub). On all three FP5 I get the update only after deaktivating the Telekom eSIM.

Check update: nothing found
Deaktivating eSIM
Check update: update found

On all three FP5 exactly the same.

The 4. FP5 has a Telekom SIM (not eSIM). Even after deaktivating the SIM card I didn`t get the update.

For me it seems there is again a lock for the update with Telekom SIM-cards. But my 4. FP5 doesn`t confirm this.

I guess it actually does. Because it has no other SIM, it still is in ‘Telekom Mode’ even after deactivating the SIM. You need to install a SIM of a different provider, as the other FPs have.

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I did notice the Calendar icon bug but at least for me it was only on the default launcher and I don’t use the default launcher (because you can’t properly get rid of the Google bar) so I didn’t bother to report it.

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You can get rid of the google search bar but not the space it takes up.

Still better to use a custom launcher than spending time removing it

I can confirm this. I replaced the Telekom with a Vodafone SIM in my 4. FP5 and after reboot the new update was found immeditially.

Actually, there is a lock if a Telekom eSIM/SIM is used.

Why @FrancescoSalvatore isn`t this communicated?

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The update is 1 day old and we know it can take a few days for all provider to receive it. Thats not new!


I have, waiting for their response. Last time I reported it they said it was a rare occurrence. But it’s the 3rd time already, my carrier is also not a small player. Hopefully it will improve. Also, some colleagues updated their phone before putting in their SIM card. They experienced no issues with the skipped update. So I also don’t know how serious it really is.

Well you can at least I could. I assume because of the At a Glance Widget works as it works (which I dont use) and I hope it stays like that