Software update: FP5.TT46.A.144.20240205

Hello, I have just got a notification of the new update.
Release notes not yet available.

Seems like only security patch, but would welcome some confirmation:)

Any beta testers here?


There’s also a fairly recent (I think just 1-2 days) update for the MyFairphone app available via the Play Store app.

Release notes are on the web now as well:

Fairphone OS version A.144

Release date: 11th March 2024
Android version: 13
Software Version: FP5.TT46.A.144
Security Patch Level: 5th Feb 2024


  • Security patch level: 5th of February, 2024.

Update went smoothly.
I also got an update for Google Play though I had to turn WiFi off to get it started. Now both are on February versions:)

Yes its just a security patch update as shown in the updater


“just a security update” … I have now waited for several hours, and the update didn’t even get halfway through. I was also suspicious when I saw the update size was more than 2 GB. Is this really a an ordinary sw update size???

Haven’t you updated for a very long time? 2 GB sounds more like a major version upgrade (like from Android 11 or 12 to 13), but even then it’s very big.

This most recent update “weighs” less than 40 MB:


I wanted to post a screen dump, but I didn’t manage to do that, I will try again.

The telephone is brand new. I can’t understand why I can’t attach a screen dump

Google Photos

If the phone is brand new, perhaps it wasn’t shipped with the latest update and that is why your update contains all the previous updates?


The update information still doesn’t seem to include anything else than a security patch level 5 February. That’s what it says.

It just shows this update and still includes all inbetween (the system will not “write a summary” of all changes included). What is the OS Version installed check under settings- about the phone-build number


Version is FP5.TT3L.A.106.20230918

Android 13, if that’s what you ment.

No I meant this

This confirms that for you its a cumulative update for all updates in the past 6 months.

So did it finalize or whats the status? Have you started any set-up, app download, SIM/SD card inserted?


!!! Yes everything is set up. I don’t expect to receive a sixmonthsold OS in a new Fairphone.

Well, I aborted the SW update, or rather paused, since it wasn’t possible to cancel.

Please have a look at the FP OS website, it lists all the updates with their names, you would be able to see what is included in yours

Your security patch is from September so I would really recommend going through with the update

Thanks Meaghan. I will. Still, I just acquired the phone. This isn’t fair to me. But, yes, I will continue. Luckily, I can profit from a strong wi-fi connection during the Easter holidays.

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So you expect, that someone unpacks every phone month for month and applies the newest update, until they are shipped to the customer?