FP5 stuck in FastBoot Mode (never altered OS): Any Ideas?

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

While being in use my FP5 suddenly turned off and from thereon only starts the FastBoot Mode looking like this

I can choose between “START”, “Restart bootloader”, “Recovery mode” and “Power Off”. The first three just result in being back to FastBoot Mode within seconds, while the last one indeed turns the phone off.

From what I read this sometimes happens if one tries to install an alternative OS. However, I never tried (or even thought about) something like this. So, this is not the result of an attempt to flash some OS going wrong.

Two things might be important:

  1. The day before the problem occurred, I installed the latest Fairphone OS update ( [FP5.TT46.A.144.20240205] (Software update: FP5.TT46.A.144.20240205))
  2. Some hours before the problem occurred I got a text from a friend saying he thinks my phone called him several times. He was even able to pick it up but just heard background noises. I checked the caller list and to my surprise there was no outgoing call to him listed.

Any ideas what could be causing this issue? HW? Or is it related to the update?

Any help would be really appreciated.

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Hi and welcome,
whatever caused you need Fairphone Support (unless you enabled OEM unlocking?) to solve it, so contact them.

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Thx for your fast reply! :slight_smile:

I did not enable OEM unlocking. Until today I didn’t even knew what this is. :smiley:

Why do think the support is necessary?

Do you think it is necessary to unlock the boot loader and to reinstall FairPhoneOS?
I was hoping there would be a way to fix the boot issue without wiping all the data and configurations from the phone.


Yes when it does not boot in system or recovery the only way out is Fairphone. The data would be lost if no back-up exist.

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