Software update: FP4.TP29.C.0101.20240121 - Big Camera Update

I seem to be one of the first ones with the new update.

So far works flawless. Will report when I notice something beside the new camera experience :blush:.


Thanks for the heads-up!

Fairphone OS version C.0101

Release date: 19th Feb 2024
Android version: 13
Software Version: FP4.TP29.C.0101
Security Patch Level: 5th January 2024

Camera update

  • Capture images faster
    The overall camera experience is much more reactive with faster auto-focus, continuous shooting and smoother zooming. Making moving subjects easier to snapshot even for all lighting conditions.
  • Greater quality in low light
    Capture low-light and night scenes in greater detail with less grainy imagery. Shooting 4K video, HDR photos or using the flash also benefit from sharper colors and better contrasting while a newly tuned AI immediately detects the most optimal settings for each scene.

Other resolved issues

  • Camera app would sometimes freeze while deleting an image from the preview.
  • Camera Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is now performing as expected.

Other improvements

  • New wallpaper available

Interestingly, what is simply headlined “Camera update” in the internet release notes (above) is labeled “The big camera update” in the Updater (screenshot below). Quite interesting in a certain context:wink: :thinking:


It is out and the question as usual is: Did you make any experience with this update, yet?

Havent seen the UI myself yet, from what I have read it seems its the same now as th FP5 one which I guess would be a real improvement…

Yes, the camera is massively faster. The rest I couldn’t test yet.


I wonder if some of those camera updates will trickle down to third party apps/custom ROMs…


I’ve just installed the update and rebooted my phone. The upgrade went without a bit of pain.

The camera app starts fast, it responds quickly to gestures and clicks, and from my first impression, it seems it has improved quite a bit! Clicking the zoom level now makes sense: it jumps you to the next zoom level. Also, I’m happy to see a ‘pro’ mode where I can toy around with white balance, iso level and shutter speed.


Update went flawlessly. Camera performance improved significantly. EIS now works. @mthmulders these options existed already before.


One thing nobody noticed so far I think, but finally the stock camera does not require Google photos to view images from the in app button


That may be good news for users of de-googled custom ROMs who use the FP stock camera. I will test it under CalyxOS (Android 14) as soon as I get my hands on the apk


Great camera improvement - thank you, FairPhone!

It finally seems that I can use the camera as expected and there is no more reason for “Please take the pictures with your mobile phone, mine doesn’t work very well…” :+1:

(Easier to access) Panorama and pro mode are also very welcome!



I’m also mostly satisfied with the camera update (have been testing it for a few weeks already in beta). I just find the new UI less intuitive - there are lots of icons that appear and disappear under various conditions and which have no textual description…

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Oh well, I might just have overlooked them before. At least they’re easy/easier to find now :slight_smile:

I have not really tested this yet, but the first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t seem to be possible to select shooting modes (e.g. “action”) anymore, but must hope that the AI will automatically select the best settings. I am curious about the results.

yeah, would be nice if someone extracted it after installing that update!

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Assuming its the FP5 app, it works quite well, just recently this was detected as snow scene :thinking:

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It actually is. But the icon for manual selection appears only sometimes. This is one of the feedbacks I gave FP in the beta, but nobody seems to listen.

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I think you mean the AI detects a scene and then you can click on it to change it?

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It also seems to fix another issue:

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Yeah, I just noticed that, too. Unpredictable (dis-)appearing of icons is really not a good UI decision. But maybe the details of the new camera app should be discussed in a separate topic.