Software update: FP4.TP1V.C.073.20230905 | Upgrade to Android 13

Interesting. I simply extragted the google-apis URL to the appropriate .zip file from my system logs when downliading the update myself. So it should be signed correctly. What Version do you currently have on your Phone?

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Caution if you read here before updating!

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I got the update about 7 days ago and it seems that the phone has started to restart randomly. Especially when using Android Auto.
Any suggestions? Is this software related or just a coincident?

it may have to do with 5G. See here

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Same here. Is there a thread for it?

The update worked fine for me :slight_smile:

Is it just me or did the haptic feedback (vibration) become a bit less aggressive and thus more quiet?

Finally got the update notification yesterday (Proximus/Congstar).

Installed today without any issues so far.


Does it mean that Orange customer can still expect an A13 update before the end of 2023?

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I’d already be happy to have a Security Update: The last one for my FP4 is from August 5, and we’re currently October 20!..

So much for “regular updates”. :angry:


That’s the goal.

Keep an eye on your notifications later today.


Were you part of the A13 beta tester group? Because I am/was and I’m on the same security update. And no one has said whether the testers’ group was maintained (which could explain the non-receipt of an update, paradoxically) or whether I too was a victim of Orange F’s delay.

Yes got it, late in the afternoon, “September 5”. Thanks, but still not my definition of “regular”…

The problem is that security issues begin getting exploited the day they are published, so waiting one, or worse, two months (not the first time) to fix them is almost as bad as not fixing them at all.

Now I can imagine it might (probably) take some time to repackage and test the updates coming from Google, but still, there is no way anyone can pretend Fairphones are in any way secured. They’re wide open, which means journalists, political activists, jurists and people in sensible professions might want to avoid using one. :slightly_frowning_face:

No, definitely not. You’re most likely suffering the same Orange delay I do, although given the issues people have with A13, Orange’s reluctance might have saved us quite some hassle!
By the time Orange releases it, the worst of the shiny new bugs will probably be fixed/alleviated.

I’m pained to say, but Orange’s disinclination to put up with Fairphone’s major OS updates in their initial, “imperfect” state, actually serves us well. :roll_eyes: :laughing:

SnoopSnitch shows a missing CVE for this version:
CVE-2021-39628-1 “Information Disclosure in Framework”

I opened a ticket with FP support (1097213).

BTW, is it normal that they put all new issues to “Solved” immediately and only work on issue where the submitter answers again?

Hi all, for information I just installed latest update, allowing me to unlock Android 13 !
My network provider is Orange France.
I had to update Google Play services 3 times (only few megabytes per update).

I felt adventurous and installed Software update: FP4.TP1X.C.079-20231013

Guess they are paid for “solved” issues, so anything which isn’t glaringly unsolved is considered solved… :smiling_imp:

Same here. But that was indeed 3 different updates, so I guess it was just the backlog of A13 Play Store updates. Since they aren’t cumulative, each update requires the previous one(s)…

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Wer ist das nicht? :slight_smile: Aber für die Customer Experience ist das nicht so förderlich. Alternativ wurde dann noch nach einen Kaufbeleg gefragt. Warum auch immer das nötig ist.