Software update: FP4.SP2J.B.086.20230807

It is hard to do zoom after the lastest update of ghost touch. As 1 finger to hold and second finger to expand move opposite direction to do the zoom. Before the ghost touch is more easily to do the zoom. Now, the Fairphone 5 will release this month. I wonder it’s possible that fairphone 4 can have the OLED screen?


Short answer: No, parts won’t be interchangeable between FP4 and 5. Please keep this here on topic about the update.


Yes, but only very slight and with the phone lying on table (which I almost never do).

Sorry, this thread was a bit too long to read completely. While the USB-“workaround” may work it is not an acceptable solution.


There is a magnifying glas which can be used to search, or you use the summarize function. For a solution, contact support.

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There is a new update fp4-sp2k-b-089-20230807


I never had ghost touch issues with my FP4, and the 086 update started causing low touch sensitivity and broken pinch zoom.

I saw the tips about tilting the phone from horizontal to slightly up, or connecting a USB-C cable.

What I’ve found is that phone orientation doesn’t matter for my device, but touching the phone frame definitely does.

The simple way for me to reproduce the phenomenon is to

  • lay the phone horizontal on a flat surface
  • open Google Maps
  • pinch zoom with two fingers without any additional contact to the phone → doesn’t work
  • lightly touch the frame of the phone with a finger of my other hand
  • try pinch zoom again → works perfectly

Can confirm this also on my FP4.

Mine had ghost touches before the update.
The update improved the situation so thanks for trying to address the issue. Hopefully this will be totally fixed by a SW update.

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My phone was also affected by those “ghost touches”. After the update, they disappeared - until today :frowning:

I feel like the security update caused a regression with the ghost touch fix.

Thanks, it works also for my FP4. Very strange behaviour.

which will have an EMF effect somewhat similar to plugging in a USB cord, so we’re in the same family of work-arounds.

Touching the frame presumably won’t be an option for those who use soft plastic cases.

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, but for me the sensitivity also improved when touching the side of the official case.


Same for me, sensitivity improves when I touch the case in which the phone is fully covered.


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Hi @hirnsushi ,
Thanks for the link. My FP4 tells me that this is a package for the source build SP2G, not SP2J. Do you have a link to the SP2J OTA?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Nope, sorry, that’s what I got when performing that update :man_shrugging:

If you only need a partition from around that time the full FP4.SP2J.B.086 factory images are available here, but Fairphone still hasn’t put up the links to the OTA packages they started mentioning in the docs a while ago :roll_eyes:

A wait, here’s your problem:

That message means that your phone is not on SP2G, the OTA updater expected SP2G and since that isn’t what it found it refuses to update (since those are delta OTAs you can only go from one specific version to the next).

What you want is the SP2K version (or one of the even later ones, boot into recovery, the current version string should show up there IIRC) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot, it worked!