Software update: FP4.SP2G.B.079.20230624

Hi everyone,

A new software update based on Android 12 is now available to Fairphone 4 users.

Software Version: FP4.SP2G.B.079.20230624
Security Patch Level: 5th of June, 2023
Update size: 454.49 MB

List of changes:

  • Home screen: the search bar in the app drawer remains visible at all times.
  • Display: colors no longer change after turning on the screen of the device.
  • 4G and Wi-Fi Calling: On/Off switch is now available via the Mobile network settings.*
  • Bluetooth audio: Qualcomm aptX and aptX Adaptive codecs issues resolved.

*Conditions may apply, for more information, see the full Release Notes.

If you have feedback or a question, post it below.


Was shown, installed and everything works smoothly the first sight :grin:

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How is it supposed to look like? The same way it did on A11 (with the Google search bar at the bottom and the At a glance widget at the top)? For me it’s still bugged. I see the Google search bar at the top (I wonder if it will change to At a glance) and when I long-press on it and click on Preferences, it opens At a glance preferences.

Edit: Oh, I see that it’s not this search bar that was fixed. :man_facepalming:


Hi and thanks for the good news!
Smooth installation, will report back with any probs.

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The update is actually not offered to me (Germany, Telekom)

Same here, your carrier has to approve the update as well. On average it usually becomes available the next workday. But sometimes it takes longer.

Thanks Fairphone team for this update from here in the Philippines (Southeast Asia). With this update I can now do all of the following basic features of a smartphone which is calling on 4G VoLTE/VoWIFI, text and data.

Because before this update (this is available on previous Android 11 and you disable in your early A12 versions) I can do everything except calling since my mobile network (SIM1) is only available in 4G LTE and above (5G). And I dont know why dont you enable this setting at first since this is a phone built with 5G latest features. Its really frustrating but better late than never. Now I dont need to be on dual sim to be able to use call on SIM2 (mobile network available on 2G and above)

Hoping when Android 13 is out by you. You dont pause this 4G VoLTE calling for my network carrier again because of your “compatibility issues”.

And this confirms that 4G calling on FP4 is a software not a hardware problem.

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Yesterday as I installed the update it only shows the Google Seatch Bar. Today as I logged in, the Date was shown and is shown until now …

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Same here, i waiting for it :slight_smile: GREAT!!! Come to germany little update :slight_smile:

It is already available in Germany, at least for O2 (and providers using the O2 network) :wink:

BTW, boot Image and download for manual installation is still missing from


I wonder how a mobile phone provider (Telekom in my case) can hold back system updates even though I access the fairphone update servers via a WiFi/Internet provider which ist totally different. In addition I have my SIM disabled. Fairphone itself must do this filtering using carrier Data transmitted by the update process of the Phone itself.

That’s what it does on mine since I upgraded to Android 12: Either a broken (inert) search bar, or the date.
It used to be date after reboot, and then, after a day, search till the next reboot. After the June update it switched, now it’s search at first, then the date for the rest of times… :grin:

Anybody can tell me what “Display: colors no longer change after turning on the screen of the device.” means? :open_mouth:

Which colors?
The display doesn’t show any colors when off, and the device itself never changed color, regardless if the display was on or off…


Sometimes, when the device screen was off and then awaken (turned on by pressing the power button once), the system was not immediately applying the correct color filters (e.g. Night Light) and thus the screen was showing the default color configuration for about half a second, before switching to the correct color correction selected by the user.

I am not sure this clarifies your doubts, the issue is not easy to describe with words only :slightly_smiling_face:


I does, thanks.
I’ve never used those screen color-changing features, so I never met this bug.

I never really understood that, and I can’t imagine it. There are OS versions that have been changed somewhat, but I only know this from the past. Since the provider was then displayed in the boot logo etc… Since the update is quite large, it is probably rolled out in stages.

I do, but I didn’t notice this issue. Glad it got fixed though.

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Usual link to the for those that need it :slightly_smiling_face:

Since the kernel page isn’t up-to-date yet here’s a current boot.img as well (also comes in a Magisk flavour)


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