Software update: FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420

Another shameful update(


For further discussion about Material You

please head over to this topic

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Any ETA for Android 13?

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Anyone noticed anything else having changed? (Question)

(Yes, the update only mentioned the material thing, so I guess that’s all besides the security patches, but one can always hope…)

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The only change - Material You- I did not really notice since I already had Repainter in use before :wink:

Sorry, dimming bug is back since this morning.

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Sofar, I did not receive the update on my Fairphone 4 in the Netherlands

As you know from last time it can take some days


This is total garbage. Instead of fixing issues (!!AptX!!) you get a useless cosmetical function which cant be turned off.
Fairphone get your s*** together.


When in update

fix this problem widget.


As the OS for the FP4 is more or less plain Android the bugs seem to be pretty obvious coming from upstream and very hard for a vendor to fix (unless you are Samsung and you do your on stuff).

On the other hand the release seems to be the wrong one to concentrate on, as Android 12 (without L) is definitely faulty.

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Hi and although generally a welcome to the forum is nice, your post is to say the least rude and offensive, but welcome anyway.

I’ve no idea of what you have read but the ‘useless cosmetic function’ is part of the default Google Android offering.

Fairphone do not have the resources to mess with the default offering as maybe Samsung has, so having a go at them won’t change that and will just use up peoples time responding to you.

OK so you are upset that you don’t get what you want and note you could contact Fairphone support to explain rather than dump on other users, but if dumping here is the best you can do, then this is the best response I can give you.

I’m sure you can say shit if you like but it’s the targetting that is offensive not the word.

Take care of what you can and maybe worry less about what others do, buying a phone doesn’t give you a lot of sway and swearing at them gives you even less.



What is the problem, do you not want a Google search bar in your face ?

I imagine he cannot move it or delete it. I have the same problem…


I suppose my solution was to use Nova Launcher where I had that option

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But that’s not really a solution when using the gesture navigation. It’s unfortunatelly still kind of broken with 3rd party launchers.


Update has arrived! Thanks

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So this update did hardly anything except implement a “new” cosmetic feature, but then it turned out you can’t reach the settings of that feature?

What’s that about? Did you guys not realise it was missing half of the things this update was supposed to do?

I must say it’s quite annoying, because this isn’t the first time my phone’s aesthetic changes quite drastically after an update, where it turned out that was because the update wasn’t working properly yet.

Is that something we can keep expecting in the future?


Yes,thanks for answering. just such a problem