Software update: FP4.SP25.B.058.20230318

Good afternoon,
I just downloaded this update and now my Fairphone 4 won’t switch on again. I downloaded the update, installed it, pressed “restart” to enable the update. And then, the phone is now completely shut down and I can’t seem to switch it on again, even pressing the power button as usual. What should I do ? I already sent a support ticket for that, but maybe you already have an answer for me ?

Edit : I finally managed to switch it on again by pushing the button a little bit longer than usual. Hope I did nothing wrong here.

Hello, I’m glad to hear the issue is resolved! It doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong.
Keep an eye on it and update the support ticket if it happens again, and we’ll be glad to help.


This is awesome! I’m starting to get my faith back in the FP development team. Keep the bug squashing up!!!


The usual link to the for those who need it, have fun :slightly_smiling_face:


Sadly this update does not appear to change the status of the Bluetooth “HD audio” issues with aptX introduced with the FP4 Android 12 upgrade. I’ve re-ran all my testing on this update to confirm the status is unchanged. As such the workarounds and status of my previous posts are still applicable.

Bluetooth Audio issue TL:DR:

  • aptX and aptX Adaptive remain broken for now.
  • SBC, AAC, aptX HD, and LDAC works.
  • Workarounds linked below.

Bluetooth Audio Workarounds can be found here:

My troubleshooting of this issue can be found here:

Looking forward to seeing the remaining aptX codecs fixed in a future version. Thanks for the other fixes and security updates in this update.


Installed fine and the changes are there as announced :slight_smile:

I was actually under the impression so far that the screenshot button people were missing was in the power-off menu (picture on the left – this is where I have a fourth button, for screenshots, on my FP3 running /e/OS). However, as Yasen writes above, it’s elsewhere (picture on the right). :blush:


Yeah well, I guess what hasn’t been mentioned as changed hasn’t been changed… :grin:
That includes all of my own pet peeves (call quality, brightness, etc.).

But, that been said, one has to admit it is encouraging, because it means Fairphone (the company) stays at the ball, and eventually one day maybe…

Anyway, installed the update, it went quickly and smoothly. :+1:


as of when does an android update when stating restart at the end, shut down the device instead of rebooting it? never come across such a situation.

That’s true, mine did restart, not shut down.

Just noticed: The option of “long” screenshots is only available when triggered by Power + Volume Down (picture left). The new “Screenshot” option won’t offer this (picture right).


So far I did not receive the update yet, still stuck on February 5, 2023

Best to state which network and where you are, the roll outs are not instant for everyone.

yon the forum topic that confirms it’s being provided there is the caveat

The Netherlands: t-mobile

Great to see an update. But for me it looks like the position of the Wallet shortcut on the lock screen has been “improved” by making it disappear?

I think it’s because of the Easter weekend, Dutch carriers haven’t pressed on the OK button yet.

i have just created another thread and will delete or resolve it if i get some help, i received the update yesterday and initiated it this morning… see: Cannot open my phone after OS update
i cannot access my phone.

Tuesday april 11, still no update

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Some instances can be weeks in the tweeking,

I wonder if the update will come in the Netherlands, still nothing

It may be best to #contactsupport and your carrier for more information.

Edit: @Paul88 I have the update now, maybe your carrier released it as well.