Software update: FP4.SP21.B.048.20230215

Wide angle lens distortion can be corrected with:

ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -vf lenscorrection=k1=-0.21:k2=0.055 out.mkv

I’ve found these parameters by recording a grid pattern.
They’re not the best but it corrects most of the distortion and makes a video with regular parallel projection perspective. Please note that some data (edges) is lost with this filter.

Edit: another filter

-vf "v360=input=sg:ih_fov=91:iv_fov=51.5:output=flat:d_fov=100:pitch=0:w=1920:h=1080"

Huh yeah my Minirig changed from aptX toggled off to on with this patch but as it’s not aptX HD it then didn’t work - bit of a silly one for it to turn on all hd audio codecs when not all fixed.

Appreciate lower brightness though happily with 12 it’s great to have an extra dim setting option built-in too

No issues with my keyboard nor 5G

Just for the record, today I moved out of my lair (hollow volcano island) and indeed, it does 5G just fine.


I am similarly appalled to report that I’ve finally accepted the Android 12 update with this, and after a few strange teething troubles (a few minutes after upgrade, the screen just went black: only the emergency-poweroff menu worked, so I rebooted that way)… I have experienced no problems at all, and everything I needed to work has just worked. (The new UI of the app switcher and the notification pulldown are really pig ugly, but I guess that’s Android 12 for you.)

This is just not good enough! I expect some really seriously annoying problems so I can rant about them like everyone else who upgraded last month got to do. What is the Internet coming to, grumble grumble


Ok so I’ve been using wide lens for 4 days and it might be as good as a GoPro (except stabilisation).
Fairphone 4 doesn’t overheat, records 4K H.265 for like 12 hours on a single charge - all with a great software support.

# Removes distortion. Adds nice blurred background
ffmpeg -i in.mkv -filter_complex "[0]v360=input=sg:ih_fov=91:iv_fov=51.5:output=flat:d_fov=100:pitch=0:w=1920:h=1080:alpha_mask=1[a],[0]scale=1920:1080,boxblur=50[b];[b][a]overlay" lens.mkv


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My Fairphone4 just installed some new version. 1GB, and apparenty no way to avoid it.
Now the scren keyboard has narrowed, with a band on the left (or right), uncomfortable.
Where has the screen shot option gone? It used to be just under the windows of active apps.
When I swipe the small screen of an active app upwards to disactivate it, but don’t swipe high enough, it hangs (for that app only) somewhere halfway up, and no way to get it down again.
And in the system settings now everything is uniformly black, all the colours have gone: more difficult to find things!
What is happening?
Andriod 12.

You should find it by tapping the app icon above the window vignette, which will open a menu containing Screenshot. Otherwise there’s always Power + Volume down.

Have you rebooted the phone since doing the update? Turn off completely, then on again (not “restart”).

Which version do you now have? When you’re able, check this by going to Settings > About phone > Build number

Would you also specify the name of your carrier (network operator) and country?

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Hi OldRoutard:

  1. tapping the icon above the app is a solution I already found but it now needs TWO taps to make a screenshot. Progress…
    Power&VolumeDown do NOT work.
  2. Yes I did the reboot. Did it a second time now, no change.
    3 )Versions: build number: FP4 SP21.B.048.20230215
  3. Carrier: Orange, France. (that should have nothing to do with the usability of the user interface though)
    Sigh… It seems the form takes more and more priority over the functionalities.

And how do I get a clock display with seconds? (no, don’t tell me there are apps for that, I just want the seconds at the top of the screen next to the carrier).

I recognized some issue that happened after A12 update that can but must not be related to the a bug at the OS level. It is a bit weird:

I use the app “Automate” from LlamaLab for several automation tasks. One of them includes speech recognition. Automate (as far as I understand it) uses the recognition engine you define as default in Android.
When I try to use speech recognition in Automate, it says now
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Language not supported.
(that is a system message only piped to the Automate logs)

I digged a bit deeper and it seems to have something to do with a new AiAiSpeechRecognition engine introduced in A12.
To not make this post too long, I will spare you the details but send them to the FP support. Maybe they can reproduce and fix it.
If anyone is interested, see my post at the Automate community at reddit:


Something positive to report, since the Android 12 update I don’t have random sudden reboots anymore :tada:


Okay, today I had a really solid true 5G connection:

So I think we can conclude that 5G connection has not been broken by a12 upgrade in general. There can, of course, be specific cases where it got worse.

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I wish I could say the same. I had one random restart yesterday. While driving. I wasn’t happy at all. :confused:

Weird. I have never faced such issue. Neither on A11, nor on A12. But I’m not using car navigation often, so it might be connected with that particular use-case?

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Yes, it definitely could be connected. I’m not drawing conclusions. I just hope that it doesn’t happen often.

Else I think there were thoughts it might/could be connected to 5G, I assume you have seen those topics and tested it?

Edit: I think reboots were normal for the FP2 for various reasons and are not normal for FP3+FP4.

It happen to me at random moments with Android 11. Usually when I was typing something, so maybe it was a driver issue, just a guess of course. I don’t own a car, so I don’t use car navigation.

There is no option for that. Some vendor specific or custom roms implement this, but Android itself does not provide seconds display in the status bar.

You can use System UI Tuner to enable the option. Open the app and go to Status bar → Time → Show hours, minutes and seconds.


did you press both buttons at the same time and held them for a few seconds? it doesn’t take a screenshot instantly.

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