Software update: FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920

You’re both right. In the update screen it showed this.

But on my phone after installation it says FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920


Took quite a while to install (mainly spent on optimizing, although the FP4 that Fairphone has lent me is more or less in factory reset state), but eventually the update went flawlessly.

@Blaffi Have you seen my e-mail?

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Hey @urs_lesse, I just checked again and couldn’t find anything from you in the last few days - sorry about that! Could you send it again? Will check right away

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I’ve just experienced a super-fast battery drain triggered by an incoming GSM phone call. You can see in the attached Battery Historian graph that I had 49% charge before the phone call, 23% after it (50 minutes), and 1% after another 3 hours of not using the phone. It can be seen a wakelock was being held for the whole 4 hours, and it is called “screen”.

This never happened to me before this update. Can anyone check if it is only my problem or someone else’s, too? I’ve already #contactsupport .



I was wondering what app you are uisng to gather and show that detail.

That’s the good old (but abandoned) GitHub - google/battery-historian: Battery Historian is a tool to analyze battery consumers using Android "bugreport" files. . It’s not easy to install, but once you get it running, it’s pretty useful.

With the current Android version on FP4, I have to run the logs through GitHub - BlackZheng/BatteryHistorianFixer: A python script that make your bugreport from Android Q to be accepted by Battery Historian. to get it working.


I have the same thing, I thought it was maybe too early to blame the update. But thanks for the info. I think my battery life is 1/3 less now, but need more testing.

anyone annoyed by mandatory screen effects and animations and transition effects or whatever they are called? If i am not completely wrong, I have had long ago disabled such effects on my android phone. I can onyl find like developer or debug settings that are somewhat named in similar wording. anyone have these annoying effects and know how to turn it off again? i dont think i ever wandered into debug and developer settings ever. anyone? thanks.

I think you can turn them off in the Accessibility settings (Settings → Accessibility → Remove animations). I prefer to set them to .5x scale in the developer settings instead of completely disabling them though.


hey neat, thanks for the accessibility hint. found remove animations there. i guess i might have still used developer debug settings the last time. anyhow, my non-animated august 2022 fairphone4 was re-animated by the september 2022 android update :frowning: too bad when vendors decide to override user settings :frowning:
thanks again.

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Today I had a few calls and the battery drain problem did not show up. Let’s hope it stays like that =)

Same here, seems stable.

Hello everyone, I’m somehow new here… (bought one of the first fp1 years ago. Haven’t been happy then but I’ll give it another try now with the fp4)

Since the update, the MS onenote app doesn’t start anymore.
Tried to reset the memory and the cache, De- and reinstalled it and tried to use it with mobile or WiFi data.

Nothing helped so far.

Any other ideas?

Hi Ivo and welcome to the community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

After a quick look round, your issue may be related to authentication, others have seen problems since the last update. See here:

I would certainly recommend contacting official Fairphone Support [#contactsupport ], they need to know there’s a problem.

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I have no idea why, but the update just showed up for me today. Usually I got it within days of the release. I changed my data connection from Congstar to Proximus, maybe that is the reason? :thinking:
(I’m still using the exactly same SIMs and operators, tough. The only change is really on which SIM I have my data connection enabled.)

Hi @mde, hope I understand your question.
The first post said:

So I think it’s surely the data provider changed the reason of the delay.

Yes as you have said, it’s in the explanantion in the beginning of the topic and that caveat has ‘always’ existed, so I’m surprised people still seems to have such a question in the way it is place here ??

Well, yes I know about that statement. But I did not change my “network provider” as I’m still using the exactly same SIMs. The only difference is which one I use for the data connection. So my observation was simply that it really depends on that data connection, apparently. At least for me that is news as the quoted statement left room for interpretation in a dual SIM scenario.


Using the same SIM is not relevant to the statement “some networks/carriers get it later”
Just because your SIM got it quickly before doesn’t mean it’s always going to be like that with that carrier etc.

It’s very relevant in this case, as one of the providers is congstar, which should / does usually get updated immediately. This update was available on day one as well.
(A family member of mine is running stock FPOS with 2 congstar SIMs and I’m tasked with performing OTA updates for them, never had to wait)