Software update: FP4.FP3V.A.116.20220414


Installed without issues, Signal still records with a low volume :frowning: Let’s see if other issues were resolved. :slight_smile:

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I was still waiting for A.107. I got the December update in late February. But here I am updating to A.0116. Nice :slight_smile:

And I can confirm that the installed SIM card influences whether you find the update or not. I swapped cards with a friend yesterday and my phone instantly found the update to A.107, I downloaded it (but did not install), and swapped SIM cards back, but once I was back on my original SIM the updated was no longer available xD


same or different carrier?


(Here are some more letters so I can reply)

As always, here is the link to the for people who need it :slightly_smiling_face:


I received the update on my Fairphone 4 and the installation worked like a charm.


I was a bit confused by the name (FP3[…]) so I waited a day till I read here its OK.

I had to trigger the search manually for it to show up, installation worked without any issues as far as I can tell.
The usual: Roaming turned off.

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This is confusing. A patch with a version number starting with FP3 that is applicable for FP4? Please avoid this.


Th full name is (as shown under Settings → About phone → Build number):

No idea why it gets abbreviated that way :man_shrugging:


Good point! I’ve now edited the original post to reflect the full name.


Thank you, but the update notification on device will still use the shorter name :point_down:

I suspect most Fairphone owners (sadly) aren’t members of this forum, so the real crowd of potentially confused users is still out there :slightly_smiling_face:


Well the FP3 owners won’t as it’s not pushed to their phones and in that sense the only recievers are those of the FP4.

Any owners of both will know when they get an update and new owners of only the FP4 probably won’t relate to the update’s nomneculture.

The point is that it seems that Fairphone pushed an update for FP3 on FP4 because of the name starting with FP3 following a dot. If FP3 was somewhere random in the middle like fufykhfykffp3ukofro658ejo9 nobody wod have cared, a chuckle from a trained eye perhaps.

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Yeah, it seems to me that this is yet again just a security update with minor tweaks. None of the more severe issues have been fixed. And once again, all of my Chrome shortcuts are missing. (Actual PWAs are fine.)

Hi, what do you mean with “Chrome shortcuts are missing”? Bookmarks, Programm-Shortcuts? I didn’t loose none of them.

I mean home screen shortcuts (when you use Add to Home Screen in Chrome). For example Seznam Email and Facebook in this image. I had to recreate them after basically every update.

Outlook and Instagram were installed as actual PWAs, those remained.

There are more reports on this:

But I’m still not sure if this is a specific Fairphone problem or just weird general Android update behavior.

Seems to be a general Android problem:

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Never happened on my Pixel 3, so I suppose it’s something that can be prevented. In the meantime I just use bookmarks in Firefox, which are persistent :slight_smile: