Software update: FP4.FP3T.A.0107

That sounds like a terrible security issue to me…

I think for the security minded, not using a SIM, then it would be a manual update, which can take a bit longer, ~ for some ~ to acquire.

I don’t think that will happen. I guess there is a condition, if there is a carrier in charge, it’s up to them. No carrier? Then just get a vanilla ROM. My old phone was imported, so not supported by my carrier. I got updates like anyone else and no issues with carrier compatibility (other than no WiFi and 4G calling, but that’s okay).

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Is somehow Fairphone blocking the process of pushing updates on devices that do not have a sim card to be sure they comply with some sort of carrier-validation ?
In which case it would be absurd that the user just had to remove the sim card to eventually acces an update that was not carrier-approved first…

I mean, there’s something weird around this carrier-approval thing.

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Sounds like a question for support if we really want to know :slight_smile: My guess is that you’ll get updates. There are also people in the US with a Fairphone, they get updates too, (right?).

RE The issue as was

I can answers this question since I have a FP4 here that’s never been connected to any mobile network:

You just get updates immediately :smiley:


My FP2 got the latest update to Android 10 without having a SIM installed, too. But some weeks later.

on the FP2 its not carrier driven to my understanding, but might be updater App related, so bigger updates are released in batches by realesing the updater app update in batches through Play store…


other manufacturers roll out their updates in batches
possibly also Fairphone!?
which would explain the different availabilities

See initial post above

That’s great ! Now I wonder, once you put and activate a sim into the device, is this info stored somewhere so that even when you remove it, there’s a carrier-check before providing OTA ? Hmmm

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At least that’s how I remember it was with the FP3: You had to swap the SIM card to receive an update which was blocked by your provider. Removing the SIM card only wasn’t enough.


FP does not have a public Beta group?
Do they only internal beta testing, without the community?

No the beta testing is not internal without community, its just not public for everyone.


Thanks, I used the OTA to update the vendor blobs for LineageOS or other custom roms: GitHub - xblax/android_vendor_fairphone_FP4


I am seeing the update as available for my device (in USA, T-Mobile).


I just did the update and found, that all links from the startpage are deleted. Links means websites pinned at the startpage via browser fuction, but also routes from Google maps, which is very annoying. I think, this happened never before, I did have one update with this FP4.


With start page you mean the launcher? My browser shortcuts were also gone after the update. Maybe it was an update for the launcher which didn’t preserve these :frowning:

Yes, in the app it is called Startpage, but in fact it is the launcher.