Software Update: Fairphone 4 FP3W.A.0128.20220516

Hi and welcome, so did you try already something to fix it, like e.g. APN/VoLTE?are you also using Vodafone Germany?

Thanks for your response. I had struggle with the APN; was the first time I edited this. But I just actually managed to fix it by following the instructions here, for Vodafone Germany: Fairphone 3 - Anleitungen & Einrichtung | Vodafone-Hilfe


Perfect, works for me too! Thank you very much.
Could not imagine, that such a setting has to be changed, when updating OS.

I can confirm. I’ve been offline all the time since version A.128. I’m only online for a short time by manually changing the network type. Here we go again with the faulty updates from Fairphone. This can not be.
I’m really annoyed, especially since you already know that the next update will only come in six months with possible error corrections.


Unfortunately doesn’t solve the problem for me.


There have been 5 updates in the last five months :slight_smile:

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okay okay :grin:

I’m more concerned with the error that some have and that it will take forever until everything works again. Some time ago there was also the problem that you could only use 3G. The patch was also a long time coming.

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The strange thing is, I don’t remember my older phones ever having updates and nothing went wrong or was wrong to begin with.

Mobile phones since 1996, mind you my FP3+ hasn’t been playing up ~ apart from that short lived ‘auto-brightness’ issue.


Just don’t update to version A.128. Since then no more internet via “mobile internet” at Vodafone. on again
Update what went untested to the users! I’m really frustrated!


Given there some sort of partnership between Fairphone and Vodafone, it seems uncanny that maybe half of such complaints are centred around Vodafone and Germany.

Maybe it’s that 60% of FP owners are in Germany using Vodafone ~ but then how come Vodafone don’t pick this up before forwarding ???

Well bad QA on Vodafone’s side probably.

They skipped A.0116 completely (at least seems that way if the other topics are to be believed) and jumped straight into A.0128, apparently without enough testing beforehand :man_shrugging:


You just have so set the APN to default. Then everything works again.


No, I can’t confirm that. I changed the APN type from “default,supl,xcap” to “default” and saw no change in behavior.
Why do you have to deal with it as a normal user? Then something is generally wrong in Fairphone policy.


As frustrating as this is: As has been pointed out before this seems to be a problem that happens almost exclusively with Vodafone given the samples in this forum.
So I’d say the QA problem is on their end. Have you tried contacting their support?
Claiming that this is a general FP4 QA problem is just not true. We would see a lot more different reports in that case, not only select operators - mostly Vodafone.


So you manually changed an entry in the APN? My understanding was to reset to default, using the 3 dots (whatever rjat really means) … Just asking to get a better understanding overall what the issue is and how others can hopefjlly solve it, not to say what you did was wrong…

I just find it strange that this problem occurred right after the firmware update to version A.128. I guess that’s no coincidence.

For sure its no a coincidence as updates are rolled out after a provider tested/approved it, as you can see for previous update that was not rolled out to Vodafone SIM cards. I think for the FP3 existed at least one update that was only made for Vodafone…


Is that how it works? So I would have to contact Otelo and point out the problem?

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Did you see my previous comment about resetting to default (just asking as we write several posts in parralel)

When you read previous update threads officially opened by FP, you will find this provider thing explicitly mentioned…

I had after the update also the problem that i had no mobile data connection with vodafone/Germany. Handy-Konfigurator: Surf- & Mail-Einstellungen helped me to get this fixed. Now everything seems to work again.