Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+

I’d like to clarify this doubt. You will not find but you should find since this is part of GPSU and is mandatory since it will be verified in CTS.


Thanks for the clarification - was a typo on my part, and should have instead said

If the module is required to be included in order to obtain certification, is it perhaps just the VPN Client that is not updated (or otherwise running with a non-standard/old configuration) ?

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After upgrading to Android 11 I now often notice that the mobile data is broken. I can fix it tempory by activating/deactivating the flight mode. Some hours later having the same issue again. Maybe this is usefull: meanwhile I have been connected to a wifi-network. “On the road again” mobile data is broken.

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You are not alone, please see above

1 potential fix

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Thanks for the hint @yvmuell . I’ve just removed all stored 5G Wifi from the phone. Will see in the next days wether this helps or not. I’m going to update this thread next week.

cheers Detlef

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I may have reacted too quickly. Seems that the x rather indicates that I have 4G turned off. I am still able to send and recieve texts and calls through tmobile, but the indicator on Android 11 shows an x next to the cell indicator.

I am still having the issue with calls all having to be done on speaker though.

Hi, It seems that the update changed my camera photos storage location from SD-card to internal memory. I can´t remember where was I supposed to change it back in the settings. Can anyone give the path, please? Thanks.

It seems that my phone did something similar. Before the update I had formatted my SD card and set camera´s photos to go there. Now, after the update the photos are going to the internal memory again and I can´t find the switch anywhere to make them go to the SD-card again. Where is it?

As some people mentioned above, it is no more possible to save directly the photos from the default (all?) camera app. It is a “feature” of Android 11.


Where in the settings is that selection?

Thanks. Someone mentioned here, that it would be best to move the photos every now and then to the external card. How is that done? From the photos app or where?

For previous discussion on this you can search this topic for “SD card”

No longer saving directly to SD card is an Android security policy. The simplest solution is to save to internal memory and periodically move photos to folders on the card or elsewhere.

If you want to continue to save directly to SD then other apps still enable this.

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Did I completely misread or was there something about screen recording in the details of the update package? I can´t find the screen recording ability in my FP3+ after the update. And were there supposed to be the ability to take those “scrolled screenshots” too? Or are these just for other phones? If so, why was it mentioned in the update details?


I don’t remember reading that before I updated (a few days ago), but it may have said something, and referred to an audio recorder, the one that shows this message. I also have it since I updated, and it’s called “Gravadora de son” (in Galician; it means “Sound recorder”, but the translation varies depending on the language, as far as I can see).

On the other hand, the integrated screen recording seems to be a feature of Android 11, but I can’t find it either… I think I read something on the forum that Fairphone probably didn’t integrate it in the update, but I’m not sure, and I can’t find the message. Let’s see if they include it in a future update… :slight_smile:

Screen recording is a new feature of A11 but is not yet implemented in FPOS (I don’t know if or when this might happen). Access is through a tile in the pull-down quick settings. [Edit: It might be available using different launchers.]

The feature is available in other Android - based OS such as /e/.

A feature that is implemented in FPOS A11 is the possibility of taking screenshots from the app switcher button. Tap this square button at the bottom of the screen, swipe to select the app/screen you want a shot of, and tap “Screenshot” at the bottom (do not tap the app itself). You can thus take repeated screenshots of the same or different apps.
I do not know how this is accessed if you use gestures instead of the three-button bar, doubtless someone else will chip in here to tell us.

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In the default camera app : : Camera > Settings > Storage :: there’s an old A10 defunct option to store on the SD card. Unless this feature is re-enabled then I imagine the option will be removed.

However in Open Camera :: Settings > More camera controls > Save location :: you can select not just the SD card but any folder therein.

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Use the/a file manager

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Thanks! I figured that screen recording is probably not for FP´s yet. I noticed the ability to take screenshots from the switcher, which is cool. I just realised that the scrolling screenshots is for Android 12.

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True, thanks, hadn’t noticed it before:

Have you found a solution yet? I am having the exact same problem

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