Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+

Yes directly from A10 to A11 official

I have another FP3 that went from A10 to A11 beta but it is the same.

In fact the version number of the beta is the same as the official All 0010 and the beta version cannot be updated to the offical public version as it says it has the latest update. ??

So it appears the A11 beta wasn’t changed and release as public, though I did note there is an 0011 version.

Just to add to Yvmuell views both of which I support.

True even the FP4 doesn’t have built in wireless charging but you can use an adapter if is very important, clearly not ideal if you have to carry it around. Presumably that is why people want that option, so as not to have to carry a cable for charging ~as there is no other benefit. In fact only detriments to the phone and ‘waste’ of electricity :slight_smile: OH! there’s probably more.

On the Open camera, as said, there are lots of options.

Not trying to get you buy a Faiphone :slight_smile: I wouldn’t do that to anyone who doesn’t put Fair trade as the priority and then I wouldn’t have too.

Its the first beta for FP3 i think ,so no idea. On the Fp2 if I remember correctly you would have to install the official Version manually when you was on beta. And yes i dont not really expect a difference, but with IT stuff I would never say never, so therefore my question😉

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I updated. I did not experience major problems. Some minor things:

  • With some apps, the permissions were messed up which those apps didn’t like and refused to work properly. Adjusting the permission settings helps.
  • The “Downloads” settings menu in the SoundCloud app was not working. So I reset the app, after which the menu began to work. The offline tracks were downloaded anew.
  • I didn’t like the smaller size of the elements on the screen. Thanks to @littletijn for the tip!
  • The “warping”/“zooming” effect of the wallpaper when you open the app drawer makes me seasick. Thanks to Reddit for the tip with the KLWP app!

I applied the update and my FP3 tried to boot several times. Now the recovery tells me that Android may be damaged. I can try it again or reset to factory.

Is it possible to access files on the internal storage now? My boot loader is locked.

The Fairphone issue with 5Ghz ist NOT related to DFS.

The Android 11 Update for Fairphone seems to bei Missing one Security Update (CVE-2020-0410) according to the App SnoopSnitch:

Am update from my end. A restart or two after physically removing the SD card and resetting the camera app to normal settings, it is now behaving as intended with the SD card inside. If anyone else has the issue they’re welcome to try it out


So are your saying it was patched in Android 10 before?

I guess so. The app checks the claimed security patch level, and then checks the files if they are really on that level.
I’ve never seen it being red for a patch.

Hi there,
Thanks for flagging this issue. This CVE was reported and addressed in 2020-10 Android bulletin and is already part of the source.

We shall check again and address it in the next release.



I can’t get the fonts back as they were so I don’t think its just a font size change. Looks very different

Hi there’s also the display size.

So a combination of Display Size and Font Size may work.

I currently have both on large.

Made the over the air update today on my FP3 and first impression is very stable and menus are significantly faster than before. Great job! Many thanks to the Fairphone team! Looking forward to the next years with my phone. Overall I do not regret the change from formerly Sony to Fairphone :slight_smile:


yeah, played with both but neither get it back. Its either too small or large/bold. I’m get used to it, but it’s annoying :slight_smile:

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The reasoning was, in the beta group, was to align with the FP4. I did point out the the FP4 has a slightly larger screen etc. but ???

strange approach… I got used to it, but also find it either to small or to large…

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Thank you so much for that solution!
Had the same problem with ISP/Network and your fix did the trick.
(What a weird world to live in…)


Just to sum up after reading more than a hundred posts :grin:

A couple of problems could be experienced after this update:

  1. Troubles with the Fairphone camera app. Something related to saving pics to external SD.

  2. Troubles related to establishing and keeping a Wi-Fi connection.

I’m not interested in why they happen, it’s enough to know they can happen.

A couple of questions now:

a. Having a probability > 0 of running into one of above troubles I’m not happy to update the OS. What am I missing (in your opinion) not updating to Android 11?

b. Did anyone open a ticket and has official information about above issues? Is FP team working on a patch to solve the issues? Did they suggest any workaround?



There is no trouble. Android 11 doesn’t allow saving to SD cards formatted as external without breaking their license. So Open Camera can do it but not embeded camera apps. The issue is that on the default Android licensed camera app the option to save to SD card wasn’t removed, giving the impression it is still available and hence appears to be a failure of the app. It’s just a cosmetic failure of the GUI

I had this problem with A10 and there are notes then that it was the AVM router, so can’t say A11 is any different. It seems to have been an ever increasing issue but not serious. This maybe compounded by the fact that A11 doesn’t allow for selecting which Wi-Fi band to use and may switch between 2.4 and 5. Again this is an Android issue not a Faiphone one.

NO point really as a patch would override Googles design and breach Fairphones license. So it will have to be done via a different OS. Maybe an FPOpen OS etc.