FP3+ Android 11 screen resolution is not correct

FP3+ Android 11 screen resolution is not correct
The screen resolution is not correct, something has slipped the developers.
see photo
left picture: view in Gallery full screen
right picture: set as background (you see, its cut)

edit: forgot the 1 on 3 sizes, corrected (new pic)

for such things its best to #contactsupport

I had this effect on all my phones in the past, on all Android versions. I guess this is intended behavior, because the wallpaper is not static but moving when the user slides trough home screens (which explains why the wallpaper is not 100% shown on left and right).

Since Android 11 there is also a little zoom out effect of the wallpaper (when sliding down the settings / notification menu), which explains why it can not be displayed 100% on top and bottom.

Maybe this depends also a bit on the launcher you are using (I use Nova), but in general I can not see a bug in that.
If I misunderstood, please correct me.


Done. This, in my case, serious bug should be corrected immediately!

Not me, its the first Time and came up with Android 11.

It happens on the Standard Launcher Quickstep, on Nova and on Smart Launcher. I think it is a Android 11 Bug

Just to clarify: Your wallpaper never moved on previous versions of Android when sliding through your home screens?

No. I am using wallpaper i size to 1080x2160 or 2160x2160

Maybe the reason is the same

Possible, the screen size stuck in mind and slipped from FP4 to FP3+

Have you tried changing the display size. Adjustments were made to change the size of the text ???

Done both, text and display size.

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Long searching resulted in an explanation through various search criteria.

It looks like this efect is an Android 11 feature. This is not a feature in my opinion, more of a “how to annoy users sneakily”. Someone at Google must be very bored to execute such an idea.


just to add it was mentioned here as well and there is a solution named in the reddit topic.

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