Software Update: 8901.4.A.0016.6

Well… thats interesting. I thought that is due to a aging effect. May I ask you, which apps you have been typically using when noticing that behaviour? My phone shows that performance issues mostly when messages over Signal came in.

No, it isn’t. Most of the bt-functions cannot be duplicated by a cable.

Of course the description is vague. We are not scientists on a lab, we are describing what we observe and collect that.

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That’s what I’d call vague . . . no indication of when the performance seems worse nor any action to assess why that maybe.

Ok just because you asked for it. It is the same lagginess that you have, when the memory of a phone gets old and is slow. The apps are optimized for better hardware and your memory runs out. And it is totally random. You get a call and it takes three seconds until the caller is shown and you can take it. But its vibrating and stopping the playback so you see there is a call incoming. Or you want to open an app and it takes 10 seconds just to open it (like spotify or whatever but it is not connected to a specific app and it is also not an oversized cache). Sometimes the phone just hangs when you want to wake it up or you want to minimize an app or in a normal usage situation and then I have to wait like 5-10 seconds for a reaction. And the usage of the phone is not as fluent as before. You have to wait slightly longer if you click on a textarea or before you can scroll and these kind of things.

These are the things that I understood when @MikeSixPointEight said, the phone feels old now and for me it came after updating and this thread showed that Mike and I are not the only person with these problems.

And again: This is not a request for a solution because the solution is likely to be a fix of an error in the code that came in production with this update. It could even be connected with the bluetooth issues who knows. I am using my headphones often and bluetooths and the corona warning interface are always on so it could be possible.

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Amoun, we’re supposed to be Fairphone users not engineers of the verification and validation team.

It’s up to Fairphone not to break customers phones first of all and when it happens to ask questions and reproduce the problem.

Asking customers to turn into Fairphone engineers is a nice idea but usually it doesn’t work like that. Usually customers and test engineers are different roles.



I didn’t see your response earlier. I also use Signal maybe that is another connection. But as I said it is not connected to a specific app, it is also while browsing or listening to podcasts (Podcast Addict) or music (Spotify) or reading news (Spiegel Online).

Where did you get the idea that I though you plural should be engineers.

Significantly worse says nothing tangible, especially when I have two FP3s with no such issue and I do use Signal etc.

It’s hard to help with such vague complaints, unless of course it was a case of complaining without any expectation of help. I do see it is not under the help category so I’ll keep out of the complaints and querying the complainants but I’m sure if it was an OS update issue everyone would be effected.

Seems more like a user issue and experience and pretty obscure to me.

You are so active in this user forum and in the release threads, you should know that there are many software issues where not everybody is affected equally. And you wrote yourself that you are not affected by the bluetooth issues. Which are clearly there. In a phone operation system there are so many variables, using habits, used software, mobile provider etc.

Just because you are not affected does not mean that it is not there. And this is a thread for the last release and one last time: I am not looking for help. I just confirmed an issue.

I acknowledge that some people have problems with certain features and functions that they expect the phone to be capable of but many times people voice their frustration by blaming other people.

It is the tone of blame that I am relating too as that is all I can see. Some people see little bugs, some giant aliens I’m not dismissing either but if I don’t see them then I will describe what I do see.

What I meant was: The phone slowed terribly down, when but not whenever I got a signal message. That happend more often not than it actually did. Might be a coincidence.

So, you use your phone with a bt-headset and on a car media system to listen to musik and you are not observing the bt-issues? Which bt-headset you are using and which car audio system. Maybe someone can verify your observations.

But then again: You are not the median user.

That is a hell of a crappy argument, buddy. It’s like seeing people beeing burned and denying the existence of an increased oxidation process where heat and light are emitted, because it is not you that is burning.

Much awaited update is here now.


That I am not a victim doesn’t mean I don’t recognise your suffering it’s just there’s very little I can do about your situation but to engage with your despondency, but there’s a new update and hopefully that will ease things for you. Just don’t manually turn the brightness down to it’s lowest setting in day light :

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