Software Update: 8901.4.A.0016.6

Well I don’t think the problems are down to the miners and factory manufacturers at all.

I think it’s the design and software that Fairphone are responsible for the ‘well being’ of the phone.

So much so that when my daughter wanted one, due to the human rights issue, I bought it as I had no faith in that it would work well enough for her. Then I bought another to ensure I could help her with any problems she had.

The first was water damage which I mitigatde and that again is not down to the miners of factory worked i.e not a fairtrade issue ~ a design issue

The second was failure to work well in her driving situation. Again a Fairphone issue not a fairtrade one.

So my daughter gave up the Fairphone and her partner bought her an iPhone which she is happy with, in that it works, and disappointed in her experience with the Fairphone.

So my suspicions were well founded in that sense, but personally I have no problems so I am surprised that it works for me but not surprised at my daughter’s dumping it.

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Bluetooth Audio Controls are not working which many users in this thread pointed out.

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