Shortcuts disappeared after reboot

Thanks amoun.
I think I’m stuck with it until either I figure out how to reproduce it reliably, or someone else sees this who’s already figured that out.
In the meantime I’ll save any important web links in bookmarks instead/as well.

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OK so the main issue is web links. I’ll test that out a bit and put some on my screen(s)

Well they’re only the main issue in so far as if I can’t remember which ones I had (you know, those sites you save for some day and never got round to using yet) I’m screwed for recreating them. With the other shortcuts I’ve got a finite number of options to choose from so it’s pretty easy, if annoying.

Appreciate you trying! Don’t put yourself out too much though!

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Forgive me folks if I missed it, but has anyone brought up the question if there is an SD card involved set up as extended internal storage? (so the shortcuts might suffer from a slow SD card response if apps are stored on the card)
I see amoun mentioned an SD card, but I guess the original poster hasn’t mentioned it yet, did he?


Hi! Nope, no sd card involved. I do have 2 SIM cards, but that’s nothing new.


I have an SD card in my phone, but I use it only to store files. I never moved any app to the SD card.

The same problem here.

Yesterday I realized that a shortcut to a Google Drive document and three shortcuts to pictures in my gallery just disappeared.

I updated to Android 11 a month ago or so but they disappeared only a couple of days ago.

I use the standard launcher and I can’t remember having installed anything in the last days.

I’ve just rebooted to see if they disappear but they’re all there.


I have rebooted today and now I’ve realized shortcuts have disappeared again.

At this point I’m pretty sure it’s somehow related to rebooting.

Has anyone already opened a ticket?

If not I’ll do it and keep you informed.


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Which browser are you using mpolito1969?

I mostly use Firefox.

Since this thread began I’ve created a number of shortcuts none of which has disappeared. I turn my phone completely off most nights.

Hi, I didn’t create a ticket because I can’t reliably reproduce it. It’s still only happened twice, but I don’t reboot often. Maybe 3 times since the last incident.

Agree, my shortcuts to Chrome bookmarks, contacts’ location/dial/message widgets, Google shoppig list shortcut all disappear on reboot. I’m having to reboot a lot to fix the Whatsapp voice note issue: WhatsApp Audios

I use Adblock Browser:

However, shortcuts that disappear are not related to the browser. I had to recreate also some pictures shortcuts I created from the Gallery app.


What :open_mouth::astonished:

Adblock browser: fast, fair, secure

But itself full of trackers

Don’t use it. Deinstall it !!!

So it just happened again. This time after the reboot for the latest security update for Fairphone OS. All web shortcuts, WhatsApp chat shortcuts and Google Drive file shortcuts gone. Just when I thinking the problem had gone away because I’ve rebooted a few times recently with no problems.

I’ve reported it to official support. Will report back if they come up with anything.


Hi all

just my few cents here:

As far as I´ve understood the issue described here it´s about links disappearing on the default android launcher after a reboot whereas there seems to be less or no such issues with other launchers (for example Nova, etc)

The first thing I´d search for would include such phrases like ‘(default) android launcher links disappearing’
By doing that I can see a lot of hits in forums starting about the end of 2021 in combination with several different mobile manufacturers. All about Android 11 and Android 12.
Therefore I´d rather suggest contacting google about this issue since the default launcher is maintained by them and the issue seems to show up across a variety of mobile models/manufacturers.

For example take this post in a different forum (about a moto 8 and a pixel mobile) and scroll down to the last comment

Alterntively (or to prove this assumption) you could test and install a different launcher and see if the situation is still the same.
But if other launchers don´t show this issue then the responsibility for fixing it is rather up to Google instead of Fairphone.



Even if this might be the case, it should be of no concern to the end user.
Fairphone support their OS. Fairphone can surely determine whether they can do something themselves or whether they need to take things up with Google upstream.

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Thanks for the comprehensive response Don.
If Google are aware of it then I don’t think I need to report to them, thankfully (because God knows how).
Regarding an alternative launcher, Nova is tempting based on the Google Play rating and reviews, but one of the big advantages of the out-the-box settings is that I can easily talk my old mum through any problem she has because I managed to persuade her to buy a FP3 too (partly for that reason!).
I think I’ll try to hang on for one more shortcut loss at least before I get too frustrated and try a different launcher.

You´re welcome @el_foz
I didn´t know about your use case for your mom and I agree that Nova with all its settings could be a step to much for less tech-affine people.
With this in mind (and even if it´s not a true launcher), probably it´s worth for you taking a look at ‘simple launcher’.
There´s ot a bunch of setting to dig through and it should be easy to use:
Play store:
F-Droid: Simple App Launcher | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository


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I’m not sure that is very representative, Nova launcher doesn’t require any demanding set up, there are options but they don’t have to be used.