Software Update: 8901.4.A.0013.4

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Just a note to say the ambient light doesn’t seem to be ‘learning’ after two weeks, it keeps setting itself to ‘dark’ as evening arrives. Will give it another week ??

Same problem for me. It always goes back at the minimum level after a certain amount of time :slightly_frowning_face:


Same problem here. Can see no “learning” effect, I always have to correct the brightness manually.
Brightness often changes automatically (without any change of ambient light) mostly to the minimum level.

I did not read all of the postings above, but since this update the automatic brightness always sets the brightness to minimum.


Yes this is a little embarrassing as it was OK in the previous update and this one states

I think this is another try to adjust lowest brightness (for those who found the lowest still too bright) which previously caused a complete black screen for those using adaptive brightness.

I never use adaptive/automatic brightness but have not read about such issues with Iode and there the lowest brightness is darker as it was with FPOS. So maybe Lineage found a better way to decrease lowest brightness and still keep adaptive brightness working

There is a German Topic, with the following mentioned and I assume that this a quite annoying bug, probably one of the beta tester can report this to Fairphone:

People using only 1 SIM, recently struggled with mobile data and nothing helped to get it runnning (no APN reset or new entry…). One user found, that when you enter a second SIM you will see that the mobile data preference is set to always ask (as there is not second SIM the phone will surely not ask).

I’m suprised there even is that preference option for mobile data, because although I use dual SIM since many years, I never had this option with any OS. There is the option to set for SMS and Calls, however for mobile data (as only 1 can be used at a time) the only you have to do is enable mobile data on one SIM and when you try to enable on the other, you will be notified that the other is used till now and will be automatically disabled.

Does anyone now, if this (mobile data preference setting) is indeed something in FPOS I never noticed, or if this has been integrated newly or if this probably was somehow integrated by mistake?

There is no option to ‘ask every time’ in my install, the choice is only between SIM 1 and SIM 2 (by network name). Do mobile networks add their own junk to updates? I’d have thought the answer to that is no. So if the install you are dealing will is exactly the same as mine, what would cause this extra choice to pop up? Can you also choose a SIM? Could it be something to do with the SIM card and / or network? Going back to my Blackberry days, annoyingly some settings would disappear when a certain network’s SIM card was installed.

Since Android 10, I’ve not seen the 4G symbol while using O2 data, just LTE or pointless 3G. If I switch to the EE SIM I do get 4G. So, either Android doesn’t know how to handle all networks any more (possible but unlikely I’d have thought), or Fairphone has missed implementing a change somewhere. I’m not too bothered that I don’t get O2 4G, I just pointing it out because I had 4G on A9 but not since A10, but still get 4G with EE on A11.

A little dated but

O2 4G Coverage > LTE Band 20 (800MHz) LTE Band 1 (2100MHz) LTE Band 3 (1800MHz) LTE Band 8 (900MHz) LTE Band 40 (2300MHz)

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Ah so A9 was incorrectly reporting that O2 was full 4G, but developers of A10 decided to show LTE isn’t 4G. I had no idea so thanks for clearing that mystery up.

Showing LTE or 4G is up to the network provider, and doesn’t depend on the device (or shouldn’t AFAIK). And although LTE is theoretically a “lesser” 4G, both are used for the same for marketing purposes (when I changed providers, I went from showing 4G to LTE but I had a better network).


This problem happened to some users with a custom launcher after the update: Keeps asking which launcher to use

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I can second that. A Pixel 4a using O2 Germany as provider running Android 12 just started to show LTE instead of 4G a view days ago. Nothing else changed.


Has anyone on Virgin Mobile in the UK got this update yet? I’m still on Android 11 Security Update April 5th 2022 :frowning:

The day after I posted this I got the update :sweat_smile:

This topic is for 0013.4

Which update? Today there is a 0016.6 ???

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Oh yes, I see that I do indeed have the 5th August security update installed… I must have misread the update notes and assumed it was the June 5th. Sorry for the confusion!

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