Software update 3.A.0134

Hi everyone. I have just got a notification of a new update but there’s no ‘official’ word on here. I’m on EE and it’s a security update for 6th November. Just wondering if anyone else has seen it yet? The file is quite small at 13MB


Had you received the 0.132 one before (10 days ago)? Maybe yours is operator-specific (some French Fairphoners had gotten one such update prior to the 0.132 one).

Yup seen it too on Vodafone UK. I think it’s just a security update, seeing as Fairphone haven’t said anything on here…

Waiting until tomorrow to install it though since I’m rooted :grin:

I’m currently running 0.132, not sure about OP


You’re giving me an idea. Given the small size of the update and the security level difference of just one day (5th vs. 6th November), I suspect it might be fixing a serious security issue that was talked about in this forum just a few days ago. From what I remember, the most recent FP2 update had fixed it (see the CVE-2021-1048 comment here), but according to @lucaweiss the most recent FP3 update (A.0132) did not include it. So maybe this is the left-over that still needed to be addressed ASAP.

P.S.: Sorry for the many edits I made to this reply, but I wanted to add the correct references :slight_smile:


Just picked up 0134 on EE UK ~ Already had the 0132

@urs_lesse You are correct the the 6th Nov patch is solely a SMR (Security Maintenace Release) for the 1048: confirmed at


It is not carrier specific as I have a second FP3 with no SIM card and it updated via WiFi, which is all I have by the way.


134 is a SMR which contains only the fix for CVE-2021-1048.



Received that too … that’s strange XD

What do you find strange ??

I’ve never seen a 6th Nov security updates in 10 years. A welcomed first time :slight_smile:

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However, what I did see before is an A.0134 update … back in 2020, the final Fairphone OS Android 9 update had the same version number. :thinking:


Google must have thought the 1048 exploit very important that it shouldn’t wait for the Dec 5th one. As you say, a nice surprise.

Also shows that such updates are not network dependent and scoot around Fairphone’s updates too.

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Just to remember:

Fairphone OS version 8901.3.A.0132.2021027 is the latest operating system for your Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ (FP3/FP3+), available for the open market, released on November 16, 2021. It is based on Android 10.

Some carriers might have a slightly different version number due to network optimization.

Note this is not a network optimisation but a Google Security update ~ independent of the network ~ a rare occurrence and seemingly not related or dependent upon network or Fairphone

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