Software Update: 3.A.0134.20211116

I’m still curios, whether the phones are so different, or the personal feeling.
Are you guys working in a coal mine or reading secretly under the bed sheet, so that you are using your phones mostly in the dark :wink:?
Mine is absolutely ok with the current settings, with the old firmware, it went far too dark.

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Yes, we use it in bed at night.

For so long it was too Brite, maybe a hole year? But then it was fix! Finally :grin:

But now I’m back at blowing my eyeballs out with this light cannon display.:weary:

My wife has not opdated, so she able to “control how Brite it should be” why not just make it op to the user what level I want :sob:


:trophy: i feel you bro, the photons are raping my Pineal Gland…


We understood already, you don’t have to comment every single post :wink: .
Maybe you can ask for some sun glasses for Christmas :mrs_claus:.

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Sooo brite…,

Okay I’m done :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I was really annoyed by the brightness issue myself, but then I read this post:

Now I am using Twilight as a workaround. The result is virtually identical to when the minimum brightness level was lower.


When using Twilight and taking screenshots, are these screenshots tinted/darkened or “normal”? For me, one of the most annoying drawbacks of screen filter apps is that I can’t take normal screenshots, because the apps just draw a layer above the screen that gets screenshot too.


It’s darkened. Hadn’t noticed this problem yet since I only use the filter temporarily (in bed).

Twilight is fine, but sadly it doesn’t replace the softness of true low brightness. I used Twilight for a year and unlocking my phone at night to check what time it was was really painful and used to made my brain quit sleep enough to start some few insomnia.

I am currently refusing the update to 3.A.134 because my eyes were too painful at night before true low brightness was available. The previous update made me love my FP3 so much more. Low brightness is that important for me.


Bonjour à tous. Je voudrais installer cette mise à jour mais je voudrais être bien sûr que ça ne va pas effacer mes données sur mon fp3?

Hello everyone, i want to do this update but i wanna be sure that it won’t erase any datas on my fp3? Can someone please reassure me? Thanks. Hédi

Every unsaved data is already lost, so be sure to make backups on a regular basis.

But in most cases these updates are working smooth and don’t harm your data.


Bonjour Hédi et bienvenue au forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Comme l’a dit Incanus, il faut penser à sauvegarder les données importantes régulièrement, C’est également vrai qu’il n’existe pas de mise à jour sans au moins un petit risque quelque part. Mais à part cela, oui, cette mise à jour 3.A.0134 se passe bien et il est fortement conseillé de l’appliquer.

Hi Hedi and welcome.

Updating the versions of the default A10 on the standard FP3 (+) doesn’t effect data so in that sense you are safe.

However if you have an SD card formatted as [Internal] you may come across problems at some point.

Bonjour OldRoutard et merci

Quel est le moyen le pus rapide de sauvegarder mes données?

Le plus rapide et moins compliqué est sans doute d’utiliser les services de Google.

Beaucoup de personnes s’opposent à l’utilisation de ces services, car elles savent que Google ne s’est pas montré toujours très respectueux des données utilisateurs par le passé, et elles s’inquiètent de savoir qu’une seule société détienne autant d’informations sur les personnes identifiables individuellement.

Cela dit, il vaut mieux disposer d’une sauvegarde, et depuis la version 9 “Pie” d’Android, les données sont cryptées à condition d’utiliser un code, un schéma ou un mot de passe pour le déverrouillage de l’écran (cette information est utilisée pour chiffrer les données de sauvegarde). De même, il vaut mieux maintenir Android à jour pour se protéger contre les “exploits” auxquels les failles de sécurité nous exposent.

Donc mon conseil serait d’utiliser la sauvegarde Google dans un premier temps, puis d’étudier la question sérieusement et mettre en place une solution qui ne dépend pas de Google. Pour la solution alternative, tu trouveras beaucoup d’avis sur le Forum, mais ils sont d’accord sur un seul point: ce n’est pas simple!


I hear you and I would definitely prefer not having to resort to twilight. Since I also like adaptive brightness, I really hope the next update will finally reconcile adaptive brightness with a low brightness level.


Hey, do we have any news on the next update for minium brightness ? I mean Fp must have some kind of roadmap right ? We should have some delivery date estimation.
PS : using my FP in a darkroom IS a Real pain for the eye ! Feels like a lighthouse… So please FP do the correction quick !!!

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Have you tried to use Nightlight? I think that helps to dim the light. Otherwise regarding an official roadmap you would have to ask Fairphone by #contactsupport however my personal opinion is, that this is not coming for Android 10, but eaeliest with Android 11 upgrade

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You may have a faulty phone/setup.
I find the lowest setting too dim even in a completely dark setting and have always had sensitive eyes. Though I am ageing I always where light sensitive lenses when outdoors. i.e. sunglasses. Yet I have to turn up the FP3 brightness almost to half to be comfortable at night.

With the amended brightness in the previous update I couldn’t see anything at all and there were times I had to remove the battery to restart the phone before I could see anything if I had been using the adaptive brightness.

So it will interesting to see what happens next, maybe end Jan early Feb. You can always ask Fairphone for an ETA :slight_smile:

All the best

As FP is working on a fix I doubt that some devices are faulty, else FP would normally replace the faulty part. As already with the FP2 I also find the lowest level is too bright and unless its very sunny I have brightness set to lowest level during the day as well and nighlight always on. And I do not always wear sunglasses outdoors. Unless you are the same person under the same conditions you can hardly compare as perception is quite individual.