Software Update: 3.A.0132.20211027

If so, just have a look whether you can install the next update 3.A.0134 to see whether the issue persists.

Hm FP3 is uptodate, there is no other update available.

Perhaps your carrier didn’t green-light it yet.

Okay, I actually mean that one. I simply wrote my battery behaviour notice in the wrong patch thread. That does not change the outcome tho.

Ok, I moved your notice and @amoun’s answer over to the 3.A.0134 topic.

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I am still having the same issue as well. It is also for BEN NL, so it looks like there is something happening here with BEN NL (had it already with Android 10).

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Hey hey,

Actually, @Ronaldvanharten is one of the brave souls who has agreed to test Android 11 internally. So what he means is that he witnessed the issue on the latest A10 build he had (I think it was 132) and it carried over to the A11 beta.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. :slight_smile:


To be honest, you guys didn’t really fix it. You just reverted it. Took you a long time, too. That’s not the same thing and I am one of the people hoping a good fix will be in the future.

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Up, even with 4.A the issue is still here… Still too bright!

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A little patience. I’ve heard on the wind that there is a lowering of the brightness due soon. So it’s not forgotten and how soon is always an issue, but I’m hoping the next update will include such a feature.


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