Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

But with 2G or VoLTE off, the caller ID shows in the display. So for a company, there are ways to maintain a reliable customer support. And recording a greeting text on the voicemail to leave the number, when calling is no rocket science.

I know that the problem is annoying, but being aggressive or constructing obscure scenarios, where Fairphone ruins whole companies because of a software bug affecting only one provider in Germany doesn’t help anyone.


Concerning Martins posts, I just want to add that I did not feel his posts were too aggressive.
I get a feeling some people here have too much time and post stuff defending FP when they don’t really understand the situation too well… and that can also be frustrating for the people actually having to deal with the problem.
And of course these are all first world problems.
BUT - to reiterate my main beef with FP - with any other company I would not be surprised in the least with the way this problem is being handled.
From FP I expect better.
And certainly NOT PR bullshit in place of honest information.

Oh and by the way, for some people here trying to come up with excuses for FP - do not underestimate this problem for the future of FP - as far as I understand a big part of FP customers are from Germany. So fucking up so badly in one of the bigger target countries of your product is… well, certainly not smart, especially when trying to sell them an expensive new version.

PS - “only one provider”? Take a look maybe… Vodafone is the second biggest provider in Germany…


Because you create a message in order that they know it. If they don’t leave a message, it means they can wait or they will call again later. You have to act when you know something is wrong.


Honestly, I was on Martin and Uppercase’s side at the beginning when some people diminished what they could feel but there is a moment you also have to do an effort and be reasonable. You can’t just be angry and wait instead of acting to improve your situation.
Let’s face the truth, we have to live with problems that won’t be solved before the next planned update (yes, FP will not make one earlier than initially planned as bad as it is). So now you have to act :

  • Abandon Fairphone ;
  • Use a SIM card from another provider ;
  • Make your client know there is a problem with your phone ;
  • Complain to Fairphone and not in the forum where it is useless (it makes feel better the first time but it annoys everybody when it lasts for weeks without a constructive attitude) ;
  • etc.

I do not want to play these issues down, it is really hard to understand why fixes always take so long at Fairphone. But I would be a bad businessman if I counted on a single device. So why not buy unfair phones and save my business and jobs instead?



  • Abandon Fairphone ;

Really? That is the one thing I would prefer not having to do as I like the general idea of the FP, and there are no equally ambitious projects as far as I am aware.

  • Use a SIM card from another provider ;

Sure thing, do you happen to have a spare one for me?

  • Make your client know there is a problem with your phone ;

What about if I have dozens? Wanna help with notifying them?
Also, what about new ones trying to contact me?

  • Complain to Fairphone and not in the forum where it is useless (it makes feel better the first time but it annoys everybody when it lasts for weeks without a constructive attitude) ;

I’m sure we all did, at least I did, only to receive the typical Microsoft and Apple style PR speak, see above…

  • etc.

Yes, please?

I appreciate you are trying to help, but, you know… :sweat_smile:

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I rarely get a voicemail. I also rarely leave a voicemail, let alone listen to someone’s voicemail. This is a problem that people experience. Some may try to bend it to a non-issue, but it’s really not. I’m happy I don’t have a Fairphone (yet).


This community is so weird. The creativity to downplay seems like a competition.


It might be helpful if you want to have a chat about all of this to do it offline. This isn’t really advancing this thread, and at the moment there isn’t any news being shared from the FP side other than it will be fixed.


The handling of this issues really upsets me. Weeks are gone and no transparent communication of the process …


For someone who has dozens of phones, transfer calls to one that works of has a message.

Well, you know, amoun - congratulations to 1 year of being a forum member.
And I see that you managed to make 2.800 posts in this 1 year period. I’m impressed.

But instead of trying to set new records or wanting to reply to absolutely everything even if one does not have much to add - sometimes it’s a good idea to actually READ the posts properly before replying. Unless your post above was meant to be funny in which case I apologize :slight_smile:

I actually own HUNDREDS of phones, not dozens. Which is of course why I am so annoyed that my single FP does not work…


No it wasn’t meant to be funny but a practice solution. I didn’t imagine you had dozens of phones I though you were just making a point.

However if you have hundreds of phones, that could take a bit of effort, so my apologies if you though I was trying to pressure you into such. I suppose I’m really thinking of two or three where it wouldn’t be such an ordeal.

As for me making too many posts for your liking quite a few of them are responses to people trying to tell me how, when and what I should post.

There’s no attempt at record breaking and I have trawled through other author’s stats to make any comparison, neither does.

sometimes it’s a good idea to actually READ the posts

Well that seems you have a reasonable point, and sometimes I do, but I don’t read every post in any specific topic. Some are well versed before I get to view so I try and understand the problem as it evolves and sure a few times I have missed things.

And each time I add to a topic I don’t go back over all it’s history and all links, I just imagine that if there was any sense I will have got that and work on the ideas.

But thanks for the criticism, it may one day put off being a part of this forum.

As far as I know, Germany is the most important market for Fairphone. Can not guarantee for that, but as far as I can remember I have read something like this.

And Vodafone is the biggest provider in Germany, counted by customer numbers. Followed by Telekom and O2.


I am interested in getting a FP4, so I’m just checking how reliable FP are with updates, as i think it’s important to know what I’m getting into.

I assume this issue with the caller ID is the same one as on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, where people are saying

[quote]I am in the Netherlands and on a dutch carrier Vodafone. When people call me I don’t see their caller ID. Tested it with 2 other networks and on both I can see who is calling me.

What strange is that when I switch to 3G network it works but on 4G network I can’t see caller ID when receiving calls.[/quote]

[quote]My problem is solved. I’m using a so called duo SIM and fiddled around with both SIMs; first deactivated the SIM… then took them both out of my phones and put it back in and in the end, the caller ID was showing again.

I must add, that recently I updated my “contacts & dialer” app; …[/quote]

[quote]Evening everyone. I’ve recently flashed 12.2.3 (stable) and I’m very happy with it, especially call recording. One annoyance though, I don’t have caller ID for incomming calls when it’s using Vo WiFi.

Not sure if it’s related but when I goto Caller ID (system app settings > call settings > advanced settings > other) it just says ‘Call settings error. Network or SIM card error.’ And I can only select OK. Additionally if I goto settings > SIM cards & mobile networks, the vast majority of the options are greyed out.

Caller ID is working fine when not using VO WiFi. [/quote]

So, i can only assume this is a phone network issue moreso than a phone issue.

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I think it’s a bit of a stretch to assume that when a different phone by a different manufacturer on a different network has a similar problem is must be “the same issue”. This is about FP3s on the Vodafone Germany (not the Netherlands) network not showing the caller ID when on 4G. Always, not only with VoWiFi. Other phones on the same network don’t have this problem, and the FP3 didn’t have it before the last update. So no, it’s not a network issue, it’s very clearly a phone issue.

Edit: And FP said that they’ve identified the issue and will fix it “as soon as possible”, whatever that means for them.


Well both of you have some ideas that point to the fact that phone manufacturers clearly do not get sufficient information from carriers in some locations to update the OS efficiently.

But both relate to Vodafone and I’m sure it happens with other carriers on occasion. It is not a phone issue.

@uodalricus As for fixing then Fairphone will roll out ‘the fix’ with it’s next security update ~ I imagine.

Which brings me to @lenonoa60 s query, so welcome to the forum and thanks for your info on a similar caller ID issue.

Regarding updates
My experience is with the FP3 which I’ve had for a year.
Just after launch the OS was upgraded to Android 10 then there seemed to be an OS update every month for the first six months. Since then it has slowed down and the later one was around the end of August when the two problems mentioned it the title appeared.

Hopefully by the end of this month there will have been a new update.

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Got it. An issue that was introduced by a Fairphone update and only affects Fairphones is not a phone issue. Thanks for clearing that up.


True. Which is why all software should be tested before release.


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