Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

@DeepSea, the same problem here: FP3+, VF Germany, “unknown” since update.
I got the FP3+ a couple of weeks ago and didn’t change anything in the regarding settings.


Just want to add that I have the same two issues since the update:

  • brightness goes to zero unexpectedly every now and the (eben in bright sunlight!)
  • incoming calls show unknown number, and i am with Vodafone Germany…

Oh dear, why do they have to screw things up with almost every update they roll out?


I’m in the same trouble:

  1. brightness Problem (minor issue)
  2. and the “Unkown Caller” (Vodafone Germany) what is a realy BIG-major problem!!

Can you bring the phone back to FP3 3.A.0107.20210513 Please!!!


As a workaround, try to disable “Enhanced 4G LTE Services”…


You can either try to switch the OS slot back to the OS version before the update, or you can use the manual install procedure with an older OS version from here.

If you can locate #fairphoneangels in your vicinity on the #communitymap, they might be able to assist you.


As a workaround, try to disable “Enhanced 4G LTE Services”…

In my FP3+'s settings there is no option “Enhanced 4G LTE Services”, but “Preferred Network type”. There I can choose

  • 2G/3G/4G auto (default)
  • 2G/3G auto
  • 3G only
  • 2G only

Deselecting the first would be a bad idea, as 3G is no longer available from VF Germany…

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Both would require unlocking the bootloader, and I’m not sure what’s the best between resetting your phone and losing your data, and living with these issues.


Is it confirmed somewhere that switching the slots with fastboot requires an unlocked bootloader?

True, but the manual install instructions strongly advise to backup your data first in order to not lose your data.

Quite obviously they don’t have enough (competent) people for QA (and probably development). Let’s hope they find someone capable for the open position of Android Quality Support Specialist (deadline to apply is today!)…


One of the first tasks for this new employee will be to install a public FP3(+) bug tracker…


That would be very helpful, but it would mean that everybody could see the long list of problems with the devices, confirmed by Fairphone. Which is something no other vendor does. It could really hurt their sales. So not a chance I’m afraid. But I hope to be surprised.

You may want to have a look at the FP2 issue tracker:

And many other companies have their projects running on Github.

At least the open builds of a Fairphone Android ROM should get public issue trackers. They are a possibility to interact directly with the users who experience issues, a community forum cannot do this…

The key difference, I think, is that the FP2 isn’t being sold anymore… I agree that it makes eminent sense, but I understand that from a vendor’s perspective there are reasons against it. And yes, other companies do this, but I know of no example in the smartphone market, which is the only relevant comparison from FP’s perspective. Do you?

No, Fairphone already had a bug tracker when the FP2 was still on the market.

I do, although this is no public issue tracker, but better than nothing:

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I got the same options!
If I set: “2G only” the problem is gone and the callerID is visible.


Which provider do you use? (Edit: Got it, sorry!)

And what about data speed with 2G?

Max speed at 4G (LTE) is 1000 Mbit/s, at 2G (EDGE) only 260/110 kbit/s (DL/UL)…
(from German Wikipedia “Datenübertragungsrate”)


Yes you’re right! This is not my favourite solution!
But for now I need a working cellpone, until they will patch it.

What about a second sim card with a seperatly datavolume?!

Hi, is it possible that you forgot to add the binaries (fastboot, adb) in the linux-x86 folder?
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