Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

So it might hopefully be only a few more days

You understood me correctly I never had an issue with the lowest brightness setting.

So what happened for me was that the adaptive brightness came in too soon. i.e. the sensor read zero when there was enough ambient light to read and then set the screen to minimum brightness. Then the so called AI function didn’t learn. So I’ve just disabled adaptive and the phone is more usable in that sense.

Regarding yvmuell
Hopefully if it’s only the adaptive part Fairphone are rolling back and not level then all should be OK

I suppose all you have to do is to watch this forum before you decide. I will definitely be updating on the changes. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that as some people had been slagging off Fairphone as the culprit despite previous statements that support your post.

Well hopefully Fairphone will either be rolling that back or they have some new instructions from Vodafone

All the best.

This may be of some comfort to

@Martin_Mattausch-Wie @surfling @uodalricus

no it doesn’t. Because : if Vodafone has it as a technical problem on there side… then which bug did Fairphone find in the code weeks ago? Somebody talks big bullshit. VF or fp. Or both.

Your question would be better directed to Vodafone, not that they may answer.

  • Fairphone update the A10
  • Fairphone do over 500,000 test to get an updated Android certificate
  • The update is send to the major Networks (Vodafone, EE, O2 etc)
  • Once each network confirms it’s OK it is released via the networks push notification

What doesn’t happen, which is quite often is that the networks don’t check with each of their carriers. If there’s protocol updated to Vodafone that hasn’t been passed to a carrier, something may break ~ like the caller ID. For me it was the carrier name ~ no big deal.

  • Fairphoners tell Faiphone
  • Fairphone collate and confirm there is a ‘ladybird’ in the works
  • Fairphone tell Vodaphone, maybe six weeks ago
  • Vodafone look at it and do tests
  • Vodafone confirm and tell Fairphone they have found the problem
  • Fairphone get the new info maybe 5 weeks ago
  • Fairphone prepare a new update
  • Two months later maybe we get the update.

That’s just my pennies worth.

Where’s the bovine manure you keep stepping in. It seems all vegan, kosher and halal from here :slight_smile:

Thanks, as always, for the feedback and for proposing alternative solutions.

To answer @AnotherElk’s question about whether switching the A/B slot back to the OS state prior to the update could be made a part of internal testing. This is not a possible solution and is in fact, not recommended by Google because it might cause data loss. We also have Verified Boot installed which includes rollback protection. This is a protective measure that records the most recent version of the Android and refuses to boot Android if it’s lower than the recorded version.

Hope that clears it up a little! If there are further questions, of course feel free to give me a shout too. :slight_smile:


Has anyone else encountered this problem with that version? Fairphone 3 stuck on boot screen after clean re-installation of Fairphone OS
I had the exact problem described in that thread but with the newest version of the software which is discussed here.

Update: flashing my phone with the version FP3 3.A.0107.20210513 Update solved the issue


Das sehe ich auch so. Hatte die letzten 15Jahre immer Samsung und das ohne jemals ein Problem gehabt zu haben. Habe nun mein altes S5 im August durch ein FP3+ ausgetauscht, da das alte kein 4G konnte und hier das 3G-NEtz schon weitgehend ausgeschalten ist. Das war der Reinfall des Jahrhunderts. Mit so einem Produkt kann man leider nicht arbeiten. Ich bin oft Tiefgaragen unterwegs, wo kein Empfang ist und müsste dann zurück rufen. So kann man nicht arbeiten. An Weihnachten hole ich mir wieder ein Samsung und künftig werde ich keibn gutes Haar mehr an Fairphone lassen.

Reichlich spät, da war das S5 dank fehlender Sicherheitsupdates schon seit Jahren unsicher. Ein Telefon aber als unbrauchbar zu bezeichnen, wegen eines Fehlers bei einem Provider, den man zudem noch umgehen kann ist dagegen schon ein wenig harsch.


And this answer comes after two months ?? In my time as a software developer, customers were treated differently. The FP3 + was my first and last model from Fairphone.

Leider kann ich den Work-a-round nicht nutzen, da wie geschrieben hier in weiten Bereichen das 3G schon abgeschaltet ist. Wenn ich mit 2G telefonieren möchte, hole ich mein altes Nokia wieder raus. Sicherheitsupdates hin oder her, es muss ganz einfach zum telefonieren geeignet sein.

As above and implied before, it would be comforting at least if this info

was published earlier or was this the earliest that such knowledge was available,???

Und wo ist der Unterschied beim Telefonieren zwischen 3G und 2G?

Das ist heute bei Smartphone allerdings in der Regel die am wenigsten genutzte Funktion. Außerdem funktionert es doch auch.

Ja, mit der zu einem Termin angekündigten Lösung. Die Nachricht, dass das Problem erkannt wurde und an einer Lösung gearbeitet wird kam schon früher.


I’m wondering if any of the concerned authors, above, have seen this?

First report of an FP3 update A.0130 (1.3 GB):


Had to use a translator, but: Very interesting!

I am surprised that there is an update, without an anouncement here. But nice, let’s see when it will pop up on other people’s phones!


Not here in the UK on EE as of 10:54 GMT :slight_smile:

Amazing… lets roll out the update in france first. Not in the country wich is heavyly affected by the unknown caller bug since two months… lets do exactly that!


The roll outs have to be checked by the networks and carriers. Maybe they did Germany first but the networks are not happy and won’t push it.

It’s not just a Fairphone process


Hey, I haven’t got a Fairphone yet… but I can fully understand how frustrating this issue is. I hope the the update comes in the next week or so.