Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

Buying a new sim from another provider is a terrible suggestion while you ignore the root cause. Do you want to scare people away with these suggestions?

We should not be a fan boy/girl community that can’t criticize. Fairphone didn’t test this release well enough. So we need to demand better testing. Otherwise Fairphone will not improve and will not be the success it can be.


Also. Funny sidenote… I have here, at my desk, a brandnew FP3 for my wife. I have not taking it out of the box yet so that she can use it. You know why? Because of the “bug”. I cant update it to all the new droid10 with your valuable fancy security updates so it will become as unusable as mine. And by the way… Security updates… lol… current Androidversion is 11… not 10. Are current securityfixes from 11 also merged into 10? Maybe i am wrong about this but dont think so.

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There is no need to act rude. I‘m a user like you, no employee of Fairphone. I made no suggestion at all for you, but wanted to express, that a lot of other people can use the phone in a normal way with internet connection, so rolling back the security updates is no possible way of dealing with the bug.

I never did suggest to buy a new SIM, so who are you addressing?

It is quite common that multiple versions are supported by the respective developers.
A short look at the latest security bulletin suggests, that older versions (down to 8.1!) are still getting security fixes.
Not every version gets every fix, as probably some bugs only affect specific android versions.


You’re just trolling then? Or am I missing the deeper meaning of that sentence that you’ll correct with you next comment? The point is that Fairphone is the problem. Users shouldn’t adjust their lives because quality control lacked outside their control. Sure there are workarounds. But suggesting to use a different number to remedy this problem is beyond me. Please be realistic here. Let’s not sugar coat it or come up with impractical solutions.


Sorry if i am apear rude. Wasnt my intention and english is not my native language. But especially the second sim idea reminds me of the shit that apple does to its customerbase. You know … its not a bug its a feature. Reception problems? Nooo works as intendet you just holding it wrong… Garmin does someting similar with its bugs in gps-devices. I even had Epicgames told me “works as intendet” over a bug in Unrealengine4 under Linux that caused the engine to stall every 2 to 3 seconds (in its releasebuild). Unknow caller bug in fairphone… get a second sim that you have to pay for with your own money because we cant get shit right.

Sorry iam a little bit angry about that. They know it for weeks now and they sayd they found what caused it. So they could have done a hotfix (out of normal updatecycle) but here we are…

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The point in my eyes is: a minority is affected by a major bug especially when the SIM is used for business and yes this might be really bad. Still I agree it would not make sense to bring back the majority to a previous version, beause a few have major issues. Would it be possible to just offer the old version to the German Vodafone user? I have no idea, however, I assume if FP would do. someone else would complain due to security

To focus on solution under the given circumstances instead of the problem: in case this bug really would have influence on my business and there is really the chance to loose customer and money, for me it would be a simple cost calculation, i.e. what is worse money wise, loosing customer or buying for an interim period of time a second SIM (which I can set off against tax liabilty and in addition I would contact Fairphone afterwards and ask for compensation as a gesture of goodwill.)
Howerver, I think another SIM is only needed, in case one really cannot switch to 2G while not able to use Wifi, because one really need fast internet connection all the time. For sure switching between 2G and 4G is annoying, however I would think compared to loosing customer not to burdensome.

please remind even if this thread was initially opened by Fairphone, this is a community forum and we are all the same user and when we think about workarounds, everyone can choose to go with it or not, or if its impractical or not and I disagree to not suggest workaround just because one might find it impractical.
Edit: and suggesting to use a scond SIM does not necessarily suggest to buy one, because it might be the person has another SIM and just did not think about using this instead.


I think we all understand that you or others are angry, (and would I be affected, I would most likely be the first to complain, however would do this directly to Fairphone and not in a user forum) still as we do not know the root cause, we do not know if the fix could have been rolled out faster or not.


Here is what the issue Tracker page says: (wich is still FP2 by the way)

Please don’t use the issue tracker for support requests or other open questions. Our forum and the official support section of our website can help you answer those questions.

Where else would you go? And the FP3 Source code is still only in parts…

Aside from ranting: Does /e/ or LinageOS have this problem?

I would use a different os but in my experience when i do that i cant use apps for onlinebanking/TAN generation because of unlocked bootloader/root access. Not because of securityissues on my side but those apps dont want to run on unlocked/rooted phones.

The issue tracker is only for the FP2, there isn’t an issue tracker for the FP3. You should send your requests and bug reports to Fairphone support directly.

LOS had it, but they solved it as far as I can see:

Edit: oops sorry, misunderstood


I did not mean the brightnessbug… i mean the unknown caller/vodafone germany/4G isssue.

the brightnessbug i can get around by disabling automatic brightness. Wich i do as standard because automatic anoyes my eyes.

Unknown-caller-workaround is to set network to prehistoric times. And because every installed app want to get some piece of the awesome 2G downspeed plus every website trys to cache the whole internet in my phone its unusable.

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Actually yes it might be that this bug is trasferred to other OS, at least I know about 1 user who bought the FP3 recently and directly after updating to latest FPOS changed to e/OS and has the unknwon caller bug.

And just 1 note: your phone is not rooted by installing another OS nor must the bootloader stay unlocked, however due to other things a custom ROM can cause issues with some banking Apps (O dont have issues with mine)

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Interesting. So e/ is not an option i guess.

I tryd it back in feb 2020 when k4y0z ported TWRP to FP3.
Non of my bankingapps worked back then. So i had to go back to stockrom with locked bootloader. But only for a try i dont want to flash linage only to see that banking apps will not work. The Sparkasse is a pain in the ass when it comes to there apps. When you wanna use there PSD2/TAN-crap first you have to get a physical paper with a useonlyonce passcode. Wenn you delete the appdata on the phone and reinstall it… you have to get a new physical paper with a new useonlyonce passcode. This happend to me twice!

Root on my phone AND working bankingapps would be great. Because i then could use ad-away and some cpu-scaling stuff.

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Sorry, do I miss something? I thought we are trading different opinions and not accusing each other?
Martin_Mattausch-Wie was saying, that the Fairphone 3(+) at the moment does not have any internet connection, so security updates aren‘t necessary. I only tried to explain, that this might be true for how he uses his phone, but the majority of users do have a fully working phone, because there are a lot of non German, non Vodafone, WiFi or second SIM users out there, who don‘t have problems at all with an Internet connection, so security updates are very necessary.


Mine neither, but don‘t you read your own postings? They sound very aggressive, full of words like sh…, f… up and so on, that‘s not the way to treat other users here in the community. Even if you are not addressing them directly.


I did not say i have no connection. I have. But what can you realy (and i mean : realy) do with 2G in 2021? Checking your mailaccount? Do a quick googlesearch for whatever will be a experience of frustrating brainpain. Good luck with that. Or use gmaps for car-navigation…thats fun on 2G.

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Didn’t helped, till now, ther is not a slightly learning curve.
The adaptive light worked befor this update for me.

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I know i curse a lot. Even more when i am angry. But how else would you describe a thing that is far off a small inconvenience, like the bluetooth double-tap-bug, at least bluetooth works…

But unknown caller… . The last time in history you did not know who is calling before answering the call was when telephones where these black bakelite-bricks with a spiral cord. And iam old enough to remenber these times.

I also love to know beforehand if the caller is my mother or the friendly indian microsoft scammer. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How could i descibe?

Exactly as you have now done " more than an inconvenience" etc. “to me”