Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

Thank you for bringing us this update so quickly this month.

I’m also really happy with the fact that the screen now has the full range of brightness control.



Strange. I never had an issue with the range of brightness but now I have one with adaptive brightness and the Ambient Light Sensor reading zero when there is plenty of light.

So it’s nice to know someone is happy. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Can’t you downgrade? I don’t have a Fairphone, but if an update would bother me too much I would downgrade to a more stable version. Of course it shouldn’t happen. I didn’t have a buggy Android update since I have a Pixel. Hope life will remain boring with the FP4.

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One of the problem of downgrading is the possible loss of data, the other more frightening one is that people have to do a fresh install, which is not what most people want. It’s not a simple button push.

However there is this notion that with a two slot boot partition or something along those lines the old version is now in the slot to be written to next time.

I’m sure I read somewhere how to switch slots but again work I imagine the majority of users do not even want to contemplate.


It’s actually most partitions which are doubled, userdata most prominently is not, so the user’s data stays the same regardless of the OS slot which gets booted.

Seems that way.

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There is still no update. I think that’s a bit bad now… :neutral_face:


Da kann ich Ihnen nur zustimmen. Meine Konsequenz ist jetzt, meine Bekannten und Freunde zu warnen, ein Fairphone zu erwerben, da es immer nur Vertröstungen gibt. Kein Hinweis wie lange es noch dauert bis der Hotfix kommt und lapidar verkündet wird, das man einfach LTE ausschalten soll, dann klappt es ja wieder mit der Anrufer ID. Der Fehlkauf des Jahres.

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Wir haben 3 FP3+. Bei allen treten die Fehler mit der Hintergrundbeleuchtung und den unbekannten Anrufern auf.
Bei 2 Geräten waren die Updatefunktion auf automatsich gestellt. Die hatten nach dem Androidupdate direkt das Problem.
Ein Gerät war auf Updatebenachrichtigung gestellt. Da wurde das Androidupdate durchgeführt und das Problem mit der Hintergrundbeleuchtung war da, aber das Probelm mit den unbekannten Anrufern nicht. Nach dem Update gab es eine weitere Benachrichtigung: 15 Apps sollten upgedated werden. dies wurde 5 Tage später durchgeführt. Dabei waren auch die Google Apps Telefon und Kontakte. Erst nach deren Update gab es das Problem mit den unbekannten Anrufen.
Dass die Nummer trotzdem übermittelt wird, zeigt, dass wenn der Anrufer auf die Mailbox spricht, die Mailbox die Nummer anzeigt und wenn vorhanden auch die DAten aus den Kontakten holt.
Deshalb ist meine Interpretation, das eigentliche Problem ist die Google Telefon App, die in Verbindung mit dem Android Update kam. Die Telefon App scheint auch grundlegene Funktionen verändert zu haben, da ich noch eine 2. Telefon App (Simple Dialer) installiert habe. Diese ging nach dem Update der Google App auch nicht mehr. Also gehe ich davon aus, dass die Google App irgendwelche Zugriffsfestlegungen, die für alle Apps gelten, verändert hat.
Ich habe diesen Sachverhalt in einem Call an den Support gemeldet, leider erst diese Woche nach meinem Urlaub. Ich hoffe diese Information beschleunigt den Fix dieses untrabgbaren Zustands.


Laut Vodafone soll Fairphone das Problem bereits behoben haben, das Update ist aber womöglich noch nicht freigegeben:


Vodafone knows better than Fairphone itself :see_no_evil:. See this tweet from 2021-09-20

Our technical team is still working on a solution.

And I got this reply from Fairphone support yesterday.

Unfortunately, we haven’t received any updates from our relevant department yet, as they’re still investigating this and working hard to find a solution to solve the problem.


I updated my FP3 to Android 10. Afterwards all incoming calls are shown as “Unknown”, the phone doesn’t recognize the callers from my contact list.
I have seen that the problem has existed for over a year! Could not be solved yet?

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Android 10 has been out about a year now with numerous updates. Would you clarify which version/update you have please.

There is a similar issue with some Vodafone providers in Germany

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I have the security update version 10 from 5th August 2021. My provider is vodafone.
I hope you can solve the problem.

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We are the Fairphone community, not official Fairphone support…


Ok, thanks for the info. I also seem to have the latest version and have not yet received any indication of a new update …

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Yes if you check out the link provided by DeepSea you will see the problem has been acknowledged and Vodafone and Fairphone are working on it, alegedly :slight_smile:


I’m flabbergasted. Since a few days my FP3 ceased to display the caller number or name, if that is in the phone book. It just displays “Unbekannt” (unknown). The call connects OK, but I would prefer to known who is calling before I pick up.
With considerable fumbling, I put the SIM card in my old aka backup phone (it needs a form factor adapter for mini SIM) and called that. It did not have a problem. When I put the SIM card back in the FP3, the problem came back.

So it must be something in the FP3. I never heard about caller ID suppression for incoming calls. And that would probably happen on the provider side.

Any ideas apart from factory reset?

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Hi Arture, I moved your posting here because this is a well-known problem right now after the most recent Fairphone OS update for the FP3 and FP3+. You might scroll up a bit or go right to Sauerkraut’s reply to read about the state of things. This mostly seems to affect Vodafone customers.


Fairphone and Vodafone Germany (the only provider affected as far as we know) are working on a fix.

A factory reset will not help you. An Android “factory reset” will only delete your user data and the Apps you installed and their data. It will not roll back the OS to a prior version, in fact it will not touch the OS at all.

As for ideas … Can update 3.A.0129.20210805 be rolled back by switching the OS slot?


Hi everyone,

Thanks once again for flagging these issues. Our technical team has been investigating both the adaptive brightness, and the unknown caller ID issue in Germany, and have found the root causes for both. We’re currently working hard to implement these fixes as soon as possible.

Fixes for both of these will come in the next software update. In the software update after that one, we aim to re-introduce the improvement for display lighting so that it works as we envisioned.

Our sincere apologies to all those who have been affected, and thank you very much for your patience and feedback so far.