Software update: 3.A.0101.20210420

Interferences when using WiFi 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth are possible e.g. when there are two devices which disturb each other. This is different to having only one device that has both radios enabled and therefore must not interfere with itself…

At least the latest release notes have this to say:

Fixed an issue that was preventing the user to change the Wi-Fi frequency band, when the manual choice was made and the phone rebooted afterward.

Have you checked whether your access point has reverted to 2.4 GHz only or not?

By access point you mean router.
My Fritz box is running both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. My Raspberry Pi computer is connected via 5Ghz due to bluetooth interference, yet my Fairphone can’t even see the 5GHz ??

What fun?

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Router is the whole thing, access point the wireless part.
Did you check, whether ‘Wi-Fi frequency band’ in the ‘Wi-Fi preferences’ is set to ‘Automatic’ and not ‘2.4 GHz only’?


Once again I realise what an idiot I am :slight_smile:
I’m telling myself it must have been the update that messed with the preferences, so thank you for the directions. I leave it on 5GHz only for now and see it anything changes :+1:


The idiot is the developer who did not consider individual (network) settings when working on an OS update…

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I imagine the developers are stressed and maybe underpaid. As for being idiots I would apply that to the whole of homo sapiens, despite such a glorious nomenclature. Thinking helps us to exploit but that’s about it. Fair or not is just relevant ethics.

I’m happy I bough this rather wacky phone :slight_smile: Something to promote conversations about fairness.

I don’t need the phone but couldn’t do without the conversation|conservation


Yes and I also did the mic check. I’ve got the latest version.

I see your post on the ‘other’ topic and to clarify your brief post above, as such, is a little cryptic. No doubt it refers the the low vol issue, which as I have stated ~ there ~ seems to be fixed, although my daughter says she thinks for her it may not ??? It could well be a defective phone you have, you may like to contact support@fairphone.com

I didn’t receive the update yet (current version is 0084), I’m with Sosh/Orange France.
Is it normal? Which delay should be expected for the update to come?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There’s no definitive timetable for each network operator, so some may not have a working update yet. Alternatively your network may have a push error ~ you could contact your provider to ask.

You could risk a manual install if you are in a hurry to resolve an issue.


Just contacted the phone company and they told me that updates are managed by the constructor :sweat_smile:

Does it depend on where I bought my phone? Or directly on the SIM card inserted? What about the SIM on slot 2?

Anyway I’m not after a specific bug. I guess I’ll stop being so curious :rofl:

Fairphone creates the update and distribute it via the networks ~ OTA (Over The Air) ~ so some providers get the update sooner than others to pass on.

Some providers have issues related to the network they use and the push to customers is delayed and Fairphone has to work on the problems before it is sent back to the provider etc.

So the provider does very little other than to make it available via the network they use (EE, Vodafone etc.)

So where you bought the phone is not an issue but your sim card ties you to a network via the provider of the sim card


I think that’s a good decision. In the past I had the impression that sometimes phone problems only appeared because users had used workarounds to install updates not presented for their used specific phone network…


@rae Still no update with Sosh in France, is it normal?